ArduCAM OSD v2.0 - Update your MinimOSD!



Good news!

The beauty of this community is on the collaboration. This new firmware proves it.
I have the pleasure of announcing that "ArduCAM OSD" and "MinimOSD-Extra" teams are now working together to make MinimOSD better and better.
I've been planning this fusion with Gábor Zóltan and Pedro Santos and we've started a nice friendship.
We spend the latest days merging and retouching everything to improve your experience with the new firmware. The Wiki was also updated for matching the new resources.



What's up?

You'll se all those awesome improvements from MinimOSD-Extra as well as improvements we made together.
The latest one is the new auto detection and updating of the EEPROM mapping .
From now on both OSD Firmware and ArduCAM OSD Config Tool will share the same internal signature.
So, both will detect the need for an EEPROM remapping preventing from loading or saving truncated data.
After a firmware upgrading the OSD Config Tool will detect an outdated mapping updating it automatically.
If you update your firmware by other way, the new firmware will alert you on screen and the Config Tool will repair automatically before you load anything from the EEPROM.

Update your MinimOSD right now. The most important: Have fun!

Important NOTES:

  • After install the new "ArduCAM OSD Config Tool" remember that you need to update the Character Set. A new one is available on the install folder. From now on it will be always there as "OSD_Charset.mcm". 
  • Both sides of the MinimOSD need to be powered during a Character Set updating. Max7456's internal memory is really picky about voltage level during a charset update.

Download it from here:

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  • Is PWM Rssi (Frsky) still supported by MinimOSD in the new version of MinimOSD Extra ?.. ie: the original mod which inolved soldering onto the MinimOSD ?


    Many Thanks

  • I'm using this camera: (NTSC) and it's ok with the minimOSD. But I tested this one: (PAL) and the text does't show on. Only show the image of camera without the information of minimOSD. What happen? I already save on PAL video mode but nothing...

  • @Sandro, another question about powering my minimosd.

    with the solder jumpers in place tying the two sides together , can I just use the rx from the APM and power the osd from a BEC that also powers my camera and my vtx?  In other words I would not be getting any power from the APM, only the signal.  If so would I still need to run a ground from the APM, so it would be ground and signal..


  • Other people are also having the same issue of a garbled Panel 2 when using ArduCAM 2.0 and MinimOSD-extra V2.1 =>

    Here are some pics of the issue =>

    This issue does seem to be fixed with the latest pre release versions of MinimOSD-extra, but as they are pre release versions, there are other issues.

  • thanks Sandro.. I was concerned about the whole "tie-ing the digital / analog  sides together and whether that would have any effect with powering it from both sides.  Thank you for re-assuring me..

  • Developer

    @Mohammed, I've answered your PM. Anyway, I have only my own prototype.
    However, I'm working on a new board who does all the job on the newest PowerShot cams by using MAVLink commands and a special set of CHDK scripts. I have even found a supplier for making a special dedicated cable.

    @Mack, there is no problem on using a FTDI adapter and also a battery attached to the second stage. In fact this is a way to ensure you have proper power to make the CharSet updating.

  • Sandro,

    Can you confirm this for me?

     If I have tied both sides with the solder jumpers, can I still "safely" power both sides when I am trying to do a charset update?  I would just plug in 5V on the video side and then have the FTDI on the usb side.

    Please tell me if this is safe.  thanks!


  • Developer

    Sandro, regarding the USB Host + OSD boards, do you have any populated PCBs ? Can we talk over PM?

  • It is impossible to include instructions arducopter rssi 2.8.0/2.8.1

    How to do it now

  • I'm using ch8 with a momentary switch and rotation switching checked (er9x mix: FULL, TRN, Add). I've also tested a 3 way switch (with rotation switching unchecked) and AUX potentiometer on both ch7 & ch8. Each seem to work fine to switch panels but I get the same result: panel 2 only shows briefly then switches back to panel 1, panel 2 is configured completely different from how I've set it up in config and minimOSD does not try to show panel 2 again after has tried once. Config screen and panel 1 work perfectly.

    Very odd, I just tried using Mode Switch for the OSD Toggle Channel and get a slightly different result. Basically, exactly the same result except a blank panel is now accessible, though panel 2 is still completely broken with the same behavior. Note: I redownloaded the config tool and reflashed the firmware and characterset (powering from both sides as always) for the forth time before trying the Mode Switch to toggle.

    I did read the small footnote in ArduCAM's troubleshooting after posting the issue (under "Data is showing up only when MinimOSD's TX is connected to APM's R") It does explains that MinimOSD's Tx is used to request specific data and when disconnected certain parameters need to be set, though I only see the list of those parameters on the minimosd-extras wiki. Regardless, I have Tx connected and as far as panel 1 is concerned, MinimOSD appears to get data properly... though battery voltage does seem to be off from what is shown and calibrated in Mission Planner, which is quite odd.

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