ArduCAM OSD v2.0 - Update your MinimOSD!



Good news!

The beauty of this community is on the collaboration. This new firmware proves it.
I have the pleasure of announcing that "ArduCAM OSD" and "MinimOSD-Extra" teams are now working together to make MinimOSD better and better.
I've been planning this fusion with Gábor Zóltan and Pedro Santos and we've started a nice friendship.
We spend the latest days merging and retouching everything to improve your experience with the new firmware. The Wiki was also updated for matching the new resources.



What's up?

You'll se all those awesome improvements from MinimOSD-Extra as well as improvements we made together.
The latest one is the new auto detection and updating of the EEPROM mapping .
From now on both OSD Firmware and ArduCAM OSD Config Tool will share the same internal signature.
So, both will detect the need for an EEPROM remapping preventing from loading or saving truncated data.
After a firmware upgrading the OSD Config Tool will detect an outdated mapping updating it automatically.
If you update your firmware by other way, the new firmware will alert you on screen and the Config Tool will repair automatically before you load anything from the EEPROM.

Update your MinimOSD right now. The most important: Have fun!

Important NOTES:

  • After install the new "ArduCAM OSD Config Tool" remember that you need to update the Character Set. A new one is available on the install folder. From now on it will be always there as "OSD_Charset.mcm". 
  • Both sides of the MinimOSD need to be powered during a Character Set updating. Max7456's internal memory is really picky about voltage level during a charset update.

Download it from here:

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  • What is powering APM? second battery?  

  • Oliver: thanks for responding promptly.

    I used the diagram from the arducam osd as shown below.  My setup is exactly what is shown in the diagram.


  • Fancis: 99 times out of 100 the issue is due to the way your specific FPV system is hooked together.

    Could you please provide a drawing/diagram of how your system is wired, including video tx/rx, OSD board, APM, voltage regulators, Lipos, FPV camera or video feed and specifics on the voltages being supplied and which components are used. With this, we should be able to help trouble shoot your problem.

  • MinimOSD Subject Matter Experts;

    I had recently purchased the MinimOSD from DIYDrone store.

    I configured the MinimOSD to my desired layout of panels 1 and 2, and had data displayed on the video screen. However, the overlay data is not showing completely. Some of the characters do not show up or appear faded.

    In the process of troubleshooting to make it work, the heads up display all of the sudden no longer shows up, the boot up sequence does not even appear at initial power up.

    I have re-flashed and reconfigured the MinimOSD per the wiki instructions ( ) about 10 times, but with the same results. 

    I also have contacted 3DR help support.  It took them several days to email back just to say that I needed to follow the instructions (, which what I have been doing all along since I got the OSD. 

    I hope someone can help me figure out what's going with the MinimOSD. I might have gotten a dud. 

    I appreciate any help. 

    Thank you!

  • Thanks!

  • Lherning: any of these will work just fine

    SparkFun FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V
    This is a basic breakout board for the FTDI FT232RL USB to serial IC. The pinout of this board matches the FTDI cable to work with 5V Arduino boards.
  • How can I update with out the FTDI cable? please help.

  • Yep. Check "3 Switching by a momentary switch" on this page ->>

  • Can a two-way switch be used to change the screens from 1 to 2  in MinimOSD? 


    I don't really want to use the 3-way switch (aka flight mode switch)  to change screens from panel 1 to panel 2. If changing screens cannot be accomplished with a 2-way switch, then I won't have a choice but to use the mode switch.

  • i have updated the firmware ,  and it appears the "eeprom mapping outdated" message on screen update with osd tool

    i assume it refers to char set, when updating char set it says, " error entering font mode , no data"

    Any ideas what could be wrong ?


This reply was deleted.