Arducopter 2.0.44

Lots of small tweaks and performance improvements. Here's how testing AP went in the Park:









If you compile with Arduino, you can now set CH7 to trigger some cool things like RTL, or In-Flight leveling. 

Check the GIT tree for details on the changes. Most are just nerdy code optimizations.


This release feels very close, if not the last beta. Thanks for all the testing,



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  • Awesome - thanks Jason.

  • 3D Robotics

    Big improvements coming in Loiter and pathfollowing coming tonight, too. (Yay Jason!)



  • I noticed similar issues and Jason explained the change earlier in this thread. If you change your Rate I terms for pitch and roll from 0.18 to 0 in the Mission Planner, you'll get the same behavior as 2.0.43.  Jason made a change today to 2.0.44 to reset the default and you can redownload to get the less aggressive behavior when throttling up. 

  • I tried 2.0.44 today. I noticed motor 3 continously increases speed when i increase the throtle a bit. what could be wrong? I tried loading 2.0.43 again and everything is fine. The quad is configured in 'X'. leveled when i took the snapshot. see sensor value below:



  • 100KM

    Here's link to the modified files.  A diff should give you an overview of my changes.  I included some explanation in the leds.pde file.  Hope it's usefull ;-)



    A short demonstration of what it can do is here : 


  • 3D Robotics

    u4eake: you don't need a password to pull from the Git repository. (passwords are only needed for commits). You can also access the changes without using Git at all. Just browse the change logs.

  • Bill Sanford along with u4eake addition works great.


    What I like the best is seeing that the motors are armed with the lights on.

    The lights blink slow when the voltage falls below a certain setpoint while flying.

    This tells me to land soon.

    It works well.


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  • Developer

    sure, just post a your files in a zip and I'll add it in.


  • 100KM

    So is the "take-off" fix included in the zip file download then ?  Cause I see the zip is from 24h ago and comments about the take-off bug being fixed are from a few hours ago.

    I'm also having trouble getting around GIT + I don't like putting my password in a plaintext file on my laptop, which is why my early beta testing days are temporarily over.  (too bad, really liked going though the code changes)


    I just downloaded the "24h ago" zip file and applied all my changes for the led lightshow I made.  I have all my changes incapsulated in #if LED_SHOW == 1 ... #endif statements.  Any chanse they could be included in the main code ?  I've flow my modifications successfully multiple times with 2.0.42 (today also did RTL, loiter and waypoint missions with my modified code active)

  • What Chris says is right.

    Beware of current repositories at a given instance.

    They often change and can have buggs.

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