Arducopter 2.0.50 preview

2.0.50 is a work in progress, but this video highlights the Altitude hold progress in the latest code. 




Changes include a faster Baro filter to reduce latency and temperature induced noise. Alt hold control using the throttle has been upgraded to have a faster and proportional response. 


Acro mode has been enhanced and now has it's own duplicate set of Rate PI's for more flexibility.

I'll have this posted in the next two days to GIT and the mission planner.





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  • Jason here is the CLI test for IMU and the new setup show.

    first test was still, 2nd was I was twiching it

    IMU test

    setup "show"

    After this test I noticed something weird, on CLI mode (switch to CLI) the LED on APM is always green as long as I can remember it will always stay green even after doing anything. Now once you execute a "IMU test" it will go to RED and stay red until APM is rebooted or close/re-open CLI session.

  • Developer

    I saw the IMU offset values didn't print correctly in your CLI dump. That makes me think they were corrupted. If anyone want to help debug this, PM me. I can show you where to look to confirm it. I just don't have HW here at work.


  • That flip was really mysterious...

  • Developer

    Robert, I believe he cut the throttle after getting blown out of range.


    Jeff, Can you plug it in and see if the imu test still works? Also, the adc test in the CLI would be helpful.

    Also, did you set a value for Loiter radius using the Mission planner?


  • the dcm experts should look at:

    spiraling down

    even the lightest wind can cause problems.

    the heino suggestion to lower the kp values for dcm is not good for us but for:

    it never rains in southern california



  • NO defines, I just loaded directly from GIT nothing was changed. I usually edit the camera.pde and enable the battery event but I didnt do them for this test

  • there is a big gap where its on the ground, I was going over the flight modes and trying to see which once are showing on my ardustation.

  • Here you go CLI_Setup


    I didnt notice anything abnormal but I may have oevrlooked it here is the full video

  • Developer

    Could you post a text files with your CLI output for setup] show?

    Was there anything you did or noticed right before the flip? 

    And did you have any defines set other than the defaults?



  • ok will watch the change log and wait for the next update to test :)

    But I know you must really be busy, specially with your little Lukas

This reply was deleted.