Today I did a lot of testing and tuning with the new unreleased beta version of ArduCopter code, known as "2.9.2ß" (V3 i think for the official exit), quad with APM V2.5 and U-Blox GPS by 3DRobotics.
The inertial control developed by Leonard and Randy, with the support of Jason, is finally giving the results that for over a year all we are waiting.
To be perfectly sure I've repeated this test at least 10 times in three different flight, with the same great performance.
As you can see from this image and video the max radius in Loiter is now not over one meter in windless/gusty winds and max two meters in strong crosswind, near the position hold performance of the best commercial product, DJI Wookong-M.
We are trying to improve the waypoint navigation but now we're here, the next release will be really a milestone.
We still have to solve a few problems related to the inertial control x/y/z, but I am sure that the excellent results achieved so far are to mean that we are on the right track.
I attach the telemetry log.
DJI, here we come...


-= AC Dev Team =-

EDIT: in my video you can see the version "3" of the code, nothing secret of course, is the current master branch on GitHub called at the moment "2.9.1b-DEV".
Jason Short on the dev list has proposed to move version from 2.9.1 to 3.x for the massive changes inside the code (ap_hal, PX4 support and other), and following its proposal I have appointed as such in my videos, that's all.


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  • very impressive results

    i hope the team will create in a near futur an option like rabbit with the possibilites to choose different configuration(it will be easier for beginners..)

  • Thanks and will do. How/where do you access the ArduCopter Testers List for your parameters file? Cheers. Daniel

  • Developer

    This test release is here, but we do not recommend to try it at the time, has yet to arrive in public beta version.

  • Ditto and thanks for the info. 

    I just downloaded the latest dev. firmware (Arducopter V2.9.1b-dev) which earlier was confirmed as same as...

    If its not, any chance we can get an "early adapter" access to 2.9.2b?


  • Nice.- really looking forward to this release. Think I have to start thinking about a higher-end board though - I suspect this is going to be about it for the Arduino-based system.

  • Developer

    @Chester: sorry but i haven't tested this code on PX4 at the moment, follow the discussion in the ArduCopter Testers List for my parameters file.

    To complete the work a new short video of today with Loiter in very strong crosswind, good watching!

  • Very Nice!

    Marco could you share yous param file? Or are you use e stock params. I tried fly on stock(on px4) but have wobbles in stab - need to tune.

  • That loiter is so good it looks like a special effect.
  • No the demo version is 2.9.2b, MP version is 2.9.1b

  • That's going to be a milestone release, Marco!

    Congratulations and many thanks to all developers for sharing their genius on this system.

    All the best.


    PS. Noticed a beta available on the new Mission Planner. Is that the version you just tested in the video?

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