ArduCopter 2.0.28 Holy Shmoly!

Before going out for another late night test flight I decided to check for updates.  I saw the Arducopter 2.0.28 was already up.  I couldn't resist, so I went ahead and downloaded.  I knew from the previous nights flights I had a bit of tweaking to do.  I was really expecting to have to adjust some PIDs' after my first run.  However,  to my surprise I didn't have to adjust a single PID.  Excellent high and low level altitude hold.  Excellent Loiter hold for first flight.  Cam stabilization working good.  Should be working on waypoints soon if consecutive flights show to be the same.  Excellent work DIY Drones! This is why I follow.
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  • made a quick tests on this code and it seems to work fine, no problem on camera stabilization and it looks like it is very stable....... maybe tomorrow i will try on the air......
  • Developer
    Can you re-download and try again in 5 minutes? I am not having any trouble myself. I hooked up servos yesterday and they worked fine.
  • I just updated to 2.0.29 and now the cam stabilization is not working.  Is anyone else having this issue?  I also tried to reverting back to 2.0.23 and it works fine there.
  • nice jobs
  • Developer

    I upped to 2.0.29 to try and fix the mavlink issue. I also upped Yaw performance.


  • I remember reading somewhere for 2.0.24 I think, If you hold right yaw for 20s it calibrates accel. offsets in the field. or something like that?

    Is that still in 2.0.28? and what exactly is the procedure?
  • Alt hold is super stable with baro within 0.5m most of the time, 1m with a gust of wind.

    The quad in general is very stable too..

    Awsome work guys!
  • I've upload 2.0.28 and configured from planner. First time the settings were fine, I double check radio test, but couldn't arm the quad. I just reconfigured again and it was fine.

    I found that setting the compass declination from planner first setup it saves a wrong value. I set it to -3.10 and checking with CLI shows -310.00

    Setting the compass declination from CLI works fine.

  • lol i just flew 2.0.25 and i was like daamnn..
  • 3D Robotics
    Yes, there was a bug in 2.0.26/27 (when you exited from Alt_Hold two modes were reversed). Everyone should upgrade to 2.0.28 before flying again.
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