Arducopter building timelapse...



I've just built our arducopter named "Mugen" and so I can share a little timelapse video showing the building process...




Next step will be in fact to learn how to flight properly the arducopter and use the different modes...

Then, later, it'll get some FPV upgrade!



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  • Cool !!

  • i didn't notice the clean desk when i first viewed the video. it's very good :)

  • well done, great vid

  • Nicolas, you did it very fast! Well done!

  • what a good idea

  • @Kirill: I think it took me about 10h-12h... Your video is great!

    @Alex: Yes, the cat is always so curious about what I'm working on... (^_^)

  • Nice that you spent 15-20 min playing with the cat also. :) My cat loves to supervise my work also. Props to you for the clean desk.

  • Excellent! I was enjoying watching the video.

    How much time did you spent on assembling?

    I made the same video as you did (but shorter) when assembling my Arducopter. Here is it:

  • Awesome video. When I watched the video I also did he keep his desk to clean.


  • Yes, I used the GoPro with 5MP shots every 10 seconds. The video uses thoses frames @30fps, so it's a x300 timelapse!

    I'll look forward to your post, it's always interesting to see how others are working! (^_^)

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