Arducopter crash. Throttle wire fell out?

3689532010?profile=originalI was flying my hexacopter at a local school on june 22. Everything started out great. I was flying it in auto, loiter, guided, and RTL mode. While i was flying my hexacopter started drifting away because of the wind. At witch point i brought it back and tried moving the throttle down to land it, but the throttle wasn't working. I decided to flip the switch and put it into RTL mode, after that the whole thing died, the motors lost power and fell out of the sky. Im not shure exactly what happend but i think the throttle wire fell out.

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  • I have found myself lost in modes once or twice. Could you have been flying around in Loiter where the throttle response seems inactive except at the bottom and top of your throttle range. If you were expecting normal response this would feel like you had no response. If it were left in a low position when you switch back into stabilise it would have dropped like a stone. Just a thought.

  • Developer

    Ah, in a blog post you can't post logs.  Another good reason to make it a discussion!  Maybe you should just stick it either in the AC3.0 thread or the 2.9.1b thread depending upon which version you're using.

  • @randy where would I post it to
  • Developer

    If you post your tlogs and or dataflash logs I'll have a look if you like.  By the way, I think this sort of thing should be a discussion not a blog post.

  • Hold on,
    If the throttle wired fell off, wouldn't that trigger RTL because of lost PWM?
    Granted you RTL would have to be setup.

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