Arducopter Hexa 3DR Frame Now on Pre-Order!



The rugged Arducopter 3DR frame is now available in a Hexa version capable of supporting larger payloads and longer flight times. With the stock 850kV (purple) motors, a basic Hexa with ESCs, APM, GPS and an RC Receiver weighs in at 1356.3g and can lift more than its own weight.


This version supports a fancy new feature allowing easy access to the power distribution board. The entire stackup can be removed with thumb nuts to allow access to the central area between the base plates.






Lifting tests were performed with the following results:


Frame Weight: 1356.3g

Battery Weight (4S 5000mAh): 534.0g

Misc. Payload: 533.7g

All-Up Weight: 2424g

Flight Time in Hover: 12:10

Over 24 minutes endurance is possible in this configuration! (Using Misc Payload for a second battery)


Frame Weight: 1356.3g

Battery Weight (4S 5000mAh): 534.0g

Misc. Payload: 843.7g

All-Up Weight: 2734g

Flight Time in Hover: 10:00


Maximum Take-Off Weight Test Performed at 3190g


Tests with the larger motors are awaiting arrival of stock, expected around the end of February. You can order your kit with either motor set but the 880kV versions won't ship until February 29th. 850kV orders and orders without motors will ship next Friday, February 24th.


NEW TEST with the 880kV motors: (hovering in gusty winds)

Frame Weight: 1508g

Battery (4S 5000 mAh): 531.2g

Payload: 986.3g

Flight time: 10:17

All-Up Weight: 3025g

 -- only about 140g extra payload for the same duration flight but conditions were considerably more turbulent for the 880kV test flight

Frame Kit: $199.99

Frame + Motors: $419.99

Frame + Motors + Electronics: $649.99


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  • will this carry a gimble and a dlsr ?

  • The bare frame without PDB or anything at all is 538g, with a fully soldered PDB is 570g.

  • the 1356.3g includes motors, ESCs, APM, GPS, Telemetry and RX. Everything except the battery, basically.

    They are shipping out on Friday with the 850kV motors and mid next week with 880kV motors.

  • Impressive udate, however why 1356.3g? jdrones hexa frame are about 500g only!!!

    And when they will be in stock?

  • Distributor

    Great news on the new frames, I know a lot of peole have been waiting on these to come out!


    I guess it goes without saying I will also have these in stock in my store in the UK very soon :)





  • Moderator

    @Chris sure :-), note to self: No more buying until then!

  • 3D Robotics

    Ruwan: Ooops. Super secret pre-release product ;-) Stay tuned

  • Moderator

    Thanks Cliff,

    I see. Do you know a link for reference.. 

  • 12x4.5 will fly on the 850Kv's, but when I tried it with the quad ESC temp shot up 25-30^ and needed more throttle too on take off. That was on 30A ESCs (ok, could have overheated a motor), 4S battery.

    @Jeff, ok, now the question of the day.... what were your PID settings in lifting that quad :) ?

    Under my current PID setting, I just tried lifting my normal 400g, 18" payload (hah!!), and it launched fine, BUT about 20sec into flight it went unstable and pitched forward HARD, lost 4 props and bent an arm. Luckily have replacements on hand and up & running again....

    @Ruwan--looks like a bluetooth module.

  • Moderator

    Just for the curiosity :), what is this component? (Smaller than XBee..)


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