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Professional Developper and new in robotics.

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Developing helper robots to easiest human life.



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TheGiantUfo replied to Zachary Eldridge's discussion Iphone and Android App Ground Control Station with Mavlink is in Progress
"I am ready to purchase android version."
Jul 2, 2012
TheGiantUfo posted a discussion
Dear experts,How to connect ESCs A,B,C wiring cables to the 3 wires of the motors?As I am assembling my hexa and looking for help in that!!!Thx
Jun 27, 2012
TheGiantUfo posted a discussion
Dear all,I want to purcahse few hours from your time to give me professional help to start with my ArduCopter.As I Crashed it 3 times and dont want to crash it more.I am ready to pay you for your support and professional help.Who are interested?Thx
Apr 27, 2012
TheGiantUfo commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Adorable PCB microcopter project on Instructables
"Anyone have RTF one to sale?"
Apr 27, 2012
TheGiantUfo commented on Mike de Landgraaf's blog post Unidentified flying..... wut?!
"Are yu serious sir? this is normal hexa multi rotor, maybe arducopter, mikrokopter, or another system it depends."
Apr 6, 2012
TheGiantUfo commented on Jeff Taylor's blog post Arducopter Hexa 3DR Frame Now on Pre-Order!
"Impressive udate, however why 1356.3g? jdrones hexa frame are about 500g only!!!
And when they will be in stock?"
Feb 21, 2012
TheGiantUfo commented on dan's blog post quadcopter attempt
"Hello my friend, any updates with micro framework based quad? as I am thinking to start with such project, but still checking the feasibility."
Feb 6, 2012
TheGiantUfo replied to TheGiantUfo's discussion JDrones store, no response!!! in ArduCopter User Group
"Hello, It's Ok Jani, not a problem at all. I was just wondering why this delay without any response. However, this will give bad influence for customers, and I prefer instead of that, you tell the girls to answer us and tellingt hat the technical…"
Feb 5, 2012
TheGiantUfo posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
Hello all,Anybody have an idea why jdrones store support team is not answering? (Even Jani Hirvinen)?As I am trying to contact them since a week but there is no response.Thx
Feb 5, 2012
TheGiantUfo posted a discussion
Dear all,What is the pressure  sensor used in APM1.4 and APM2?And does  it have limitations or can I fly on 2000m altitude? and what about temperature compatibility?Thx
Jan 28, 2012
TheGiantUfo replied to mark's discussion Help me decide on a glider
"I am newbie, and I found the ardupilot is optimized with easystar 3 channel airplane, so I will go with it as startup, and when understanding all aspects of the project, will start upgrading. what this looks for u?
I am sure that no major changes or…"
Feb 19, 2010