JDrones store, no response!!!

Hello all,

Anybody have an idea why jdrones store support team is not answering? (Even Jani Hirvinen)?

As I am trying to contact them since a week but there is no response.


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  • Order date: 08/19/2015
    Order#: 6891

    The order is still processing. The money has been deducted from my account. 

    I wrote jDrones 2 times within the last 10 days but no response. No twitter activity since april from jDrones, and it seems Jani Hirvinen has pulled the plug?  

    Does anyone know what is happening at jDrones?


    Sune Nielsen

    • Developer

      Hi Sune,

      I can assure that we are more than alive and kicking. As I am not handling our daily shipping issues nor everyday email traffic, I cannot answer yet why your emails have not been answered.

      But I can assure that I will check your order immediately on tomorrow morning when our office open.



    • Sounds good

      Thx Jani


    • Developer

      I expect that you have been contacted by our girls. They will continue privatelly with you over skype/email.

    • Yes i got several mails. 

      The radios should arrive from factory next week, and ship ASAP. Thank you for your help Jani.


  • I got a response from them, and they are being supportive. Not that fast, but it´s working.

    • Developer

      Mostly our girls are not answering here, they answer on private emails and trough our system. Especially when it's about shipping issues. To be honest, I don't even know anything about shipping.. I just see that packets are going out from the door.

      In generally packets are processed on next business days and shipped out too. Sure sometimes there can be delays that are beyond our control.

  • Hello everybody,

    I´m also having issues with jdrones support team. Had an order returned to sender by my country customs (I know, customs here sucks). It´s been now almost a week without any response from them - just a "ok, we got your message, hold on a moment" would be enough.


    • Yeah right. He's so responsive. That's why this thread has people complaining for the last three years.
    • Hi Patrick, Jani's team are pretty good at monitoring topics here so you'll get an answer shortly if you haven't already had this resolved. Please create a new topic in the future or consider raising issues with distributors on their Facebook Page or other contact methods.

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