JDrones store, no response!!!

Hello all,

Anybody have an idea why jdrones store support team is not answering? (Even Jani Hirvinen)?

As I am trying to contact them since a week but there is no response.


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  • Hi jani, on jan 28, I make an order with number 6058 but till now the status is still processing. I have contact 2 or 3 times but no response from your support centre. Is there no stock for my order or something etc. But no information about this
    • Developer

      Benny, have you been getting any emails from us?? Out girls said that they have been sending several emails about your order but you have not answered back. Please check your spam/junk folders too. 

    • I have searched at my gmail with key "jdrones" and the result is none. I looked my spam manually and try search email from jdrones manually and the result is none. Its almost 21 days from order till now and no good progress for my order.Although i have choose DHL to speed up for delivery. What wrong with my order? Is there item out of stock? When i order, all is stock.

      Is your customer support sent to wrong email? I always get order confirmation from you after order.

      Or could you refund my money???
    • Developer

      I need to check that from girls but they are using out ticket system so email should be ok. emails from store and ticket systems are coming from totally different locations so there might be that one of those have delivery problems to. 

      I will ask my girls to contact you directly over your registered email. 

    • Ok jani, your CS already contact me and I prefer to refund my money due to my items is out of stock due to when I order it, it stock. Now is waiting the refund to my paypal account.

      Thanks for your response

    • Developer

      Benny, let me check on tomorrow as today everyone already went to home. 

  • I also tried thru voice mail, email, and multiple calls to follow up on a large order for the first time. As a new customer I'm a bit worried, my order looks like they received it but still says processing after placing on Saturday.
    I know it was the weekend but thought by Tuesday it would have shipped out FedEx 2 day delivery by now. Sure was hoping to have recieved it before this weekend.
  • Hello, It's Ok Jani, not a problem at all. I was just wondering why this delay without any response. However, this will give bad influence for customers, and I prefer instead of that, you tell the girls to answer us and tellingt hat the technical stuff is not available now, and will contact you within 3-4 days. just to make us knowing what's happening. Waiting your answer, as I don't use paypal, so I have to send the wire by bank, si I want to be sure that I don't forget anything with my order, and that your money come net without any bank commision. And I hope if u have few time now for quick chat, to finalize the issue quickly and pay tomorrow, or if u dont have few minutes now, can we schedule a time for tomorrow? Thx

  • Developer

    To where did you send your email?? We have 3 people taking care of emails now, 2 for general issues and 1 for technical issues. Technical department is currently looking more people on handling emails so if your email is really technical it might have stuck on queue that we are working on.

    I will check with out girls on tomorrow morning. 

    Br, jani

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