Arducopter Parachute Testing

Strapped lots of cameras to our 900mm Hex, then popped the chute for the first time in the air.

No landing in soft stuff, no perfect conditions (nasty squalls coming through!), we wanted to see what would happen in the real world!

Pixhawk running Arducopter 3.3, X68 with a Fruity Chute

Big thanks to the development team!


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  • Cheers, hopefully never have to see it pop again! 

  • Developer


    Ah right, of course.  Really great video!

  • It did, they are just windmilling on the way down

  • Developer

    Looking good!  I'm surprised it didn't shut-down the motors..?

  • I found myself holding my breath waiting for the chute to open in slow motion.  Looks like it works well though.

  • Bit of mud on the props, otherwise fine!

  • Developer

    Brave :)

  • Did anything break?
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