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ArduCopter is now available for pre-sale in the DIY Drones store in the US, too. This is the same kit as the Fah Pah model, but without the APM board, which you must buy from Sparkfun as usual. (This is due to regulatory rules in the US).

The price is $439.90, reflecting the fact that it does not include the APM board. With the board, the price is the same as in the Fah Pah store in Thailand, where Jani and his team are making the quads.

Stay tuned for photos of Jani's new ArduCopter factory in Bangkok. It's going to rival our San Diego factory in technology, but with CNC mills rather than Pick and Place machines. By the end of the year, we should have manufacturing operations in Bangkok, San Diego and Tijuana, with more more workers on DIY Drones products than I've got in my day job!
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  • Developer
    Phill, lift capacity is more or less question of how long you want to fly, what motors/propellers you are using. default ArduCopter cannot lift so much but if you change bigger motors and put bigger battery. It is possible even to carry 1.5kg, for how long... don't know, never tested.

    After official ArduCopters have arrived, there will be more statistics for it.
  • can this lift 1.5 kilo?
  • 3D Robotics
    dacian, as John says, we'll eventually sell parts individually, but we're catching up with demand for the whole kits now. We appreciate your enthusiasm, but please be patient while we bring operations up to full speed.
  • any news on magnetos?
  • well I guess I'll need to learn another skill: to make pcb-s
  • this happens with everything open source...
    you have to dig until your eyes pop out to get it working...
  • Developer
    Just preordered mine! Can't wait!
  • I don't think they mean to step around the Power Distribution Board question. I think it is just getting lost in the flood. I believe they have said (and by all means correct me if I am wrong) that the PDB will be made available after the initial rush on kits has been filled.
  • hi
    I have all the boards but I need the power distribution board.
    does anyone know where I can buy just that?
    thanks for any advice,
  • 3D Robotics
    If you're getting the wrong CA county sales tax at checkout, there may be an issue with the ecommerce server zip code lookup routine. Please contact the store to report this (I don't run the store).
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