Arducopter problems in flight modes using GPS


I'm having some strange problems with my hexacopter. The aircraft flies well in stabilise and alt hold but as soon as I switch to loiter or auto it flies off in a random direction whilst increasing pitch. It will eventually be almost vertical before I recover in stabilise mode.

Everything is well padded with foam and I have good GPS lock according to the logs. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be happening here? Any help is much appreciated.

 I've uploaded logs here

And a couple of videos here

I ran compassmot getting a value of 62% and tried the flight again. Still having issues. The APM seems to be ignoring the external magnetometer and is using it's own instead despite changing the setting in mission planner.

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  • Check the orientation of the compass.  I recently had this problem.  I moved the compass to see if I could get faster GPS lock and when I went to put it back on, I orientated the arrow to the left vs. forward.  Took off great.  Alt hold worked great. Switched to Loiter...took off like a mother to the left at almost a 45deg pitch.  Switched back into alt hold and it recovered.  I switched to auto land and it went nuts again. We got it down without any damage.  Noticed the orientation of the compass and corrected it. Flew it again with no issues.

  • I had the same thing happen to me yesterday. Unfortunately I did recover mine and I had a bad crash. If anyone has info for this
    problem , please pass it to the rest of us.
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