Arducopter Quad RTF in stock!



Arducopter Quad Ready to Fly now IN STOCK at uDrones!  Assembled, code loaded and tested. Limited Quantities so act now.


We process and ship your order in 24 hrs.


We are working hard restocking this beauty ASAP, so they'll stay in stock going forward






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  • HI Gigio,


    after a lot of searching it was Jdrones, problem solved with delivery, but still wresting with an arducopter (bought preflight tested etc) that actually isn't flying properly

  • @NotSure 


    I'm still waiting for your reply. I guess you where confused with another distributor (jDrones maybe), your message sounds like you where having problems with customer service at the place you ordered. That just don't happens at Udrones Store, neither one order delayed or loss of email/phone communication. Would you please reply here what happened. I don't know why you used my name, anyways, hope you get a response soon. 


    Thank you,


  • Having an APM powered fixed-wing or an Arducopter Quad along with APM2.0 and ACM1.0 it is quite a milestone, but a second "wave of impact" is expected. Having these systems ready to work, and ready to be applied by people that have different talents (not electronics, programming or building skills, abilities that DIYD members for sure have), different points of view and other areas knowledge, is the natural next step, and will multiply the effort, the sharing and the hard work that this community have given already.

    Along with others, Udrones bussiness is to fulfill the 3 dimensional mobility necessities of tinkerers out there in an accessible way ( come on, 860 USD for a "pro" amateur UAV it is accessible). Unprecedented, this is just the start.


    Arduino itself was meant as a help for electronics and programming teaching, and a few years later is the platform that Ardupilot is based. What I mean is that there are endless solutions waiting to be discovered out there, and some of them will be, thanks to what is happening right now, at this site.

    By supporting all the distributors and the main DIYstore is the way to get there. 


    @Not Sure 

    That's odd, but please let me know more info about that purchase, I'm sure it is a misunderstood. Please contact me at or by phone showed here (since we started operations in mid Feb.) in order to resolve this matter. 




  • Gigio,


    I hope that my order from over a month will ship soon, and my unanswered email asking for consignment numbers of any shipping deatils will get a response?. There is no phone number supplied on the website for a 'chat' about the circumstances of why I have not yet received the purchased goods, which were in stock at the time or purchase.


    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Ooh, I didn't know the magnetometer comes standard now. That's great.

  • Distributor

    One other point to raise on the price point of the copter kits is the level of hardware now being supplied in some of the kits has now gone up, the main kit I will be stocking now includes the APM board and mag as standard issue, where as the old kit you had to add these parts before you could get underway, the only additional items now are sonar and telemetry, so paying more gets your more :)


  • @Chris, well, guess I was one of the lucky ones then that got an underpriced copter. The current price is still reasonable and I understand you guys need to make money! I'm going to encourage my brother to get an arducopter.
  • Developer

    Snap them up while they last! They are a fast way to get cameras the air.

    They are flight tested before sending to you, what bargain!

    (You will need to calibrate your RC-radio and configure any optional sensors & gps)

    Community support too! 

    Martint  4 kits whoo, a fleet all once!

  • 3D Robotics
    Aaron, the price reflects six months experience in the real cost of producing these at scale and supporting them. These companies found that they were losing money on each sale initially, so they repriced them a bit and more importantly improved the design to be more reliable and easier to produce at scale.

    The aim of all the companies in the DIY Drones ecosystem is to build sustainable businesses that can keep products in stock, continue to innovate and provide excellent customer support in a fast-growing market. Making a few of any product is easy; making many (reliably and with good customer support) is hard, and requires full-time staffs and professional production processes.
  • Seems like cheating to buy a pre-assembled kit! I think a $300 fine is definitely in order.

    Seems like the prices on the unassembled kits have gone up quite a bit since I bought mine in November, though. Am I imagining that? Have component costs gone up? Curious because my brother is looking at buying a quad now.

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