ArduCopter (TBS Discovery Style)


Team-blacksheep have very nice frame for DJI-NAZA with some fancy PDB, but I don't have NAZA and I wanted some modification to mount APM2/2.5, so here is my version of that frame, no fancy PDB and PCBs, just black fiberglass :)

If you do have DJI NAZA go get that frame right NOW !

3689498526?profile=original APM2.0 with 90° pins fits under the top plate with analog and telemetry pins exposed.


APM2.5 with ublox GPS.



Set the LED_MODE parameter to 9, It will slow blink when disarmed, solid armed, fast blink + beep on low battery.


The CG and the APM location moved a little bit, but it can fly as regular X quad. (don't pull back too much)

I just changed the AP_MotorsQuad.cpp X frame set-up to:



Motors: Tiger MS2212-13 980KV

ESC: jDrones 18A (Flashed with SimonK FW)

I really like the 10X5 Graupner e-props (or new Carbon 10X5 e-props) with 4S 3000mah lipo, after some fine-tuning its very sharp fly.

Here some raw clips from Arducopter 2.8.1 tuning flights:

BTW Jani from jDrones (that where I CNC all my custom frames ;) ) has put together fancy RTF kit, so check that one out.


The top outside hols for the arms are ~0.5mm off, I think so chek it before cuting.


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  • So you are saying place the APM further back? and not putting the battery further forward?

    Is there any concern with putting too much load at the back motors?

  • Hi AJEsq,

    I put an APM2.5 in my TBS discovery.
    The APM is located as close as possible to the last spacer (going to the battery bay).
    I'm using a 4s3300 which is about the same weight so I fitted some counter weight when I'm not flying with the GoPro.
    I used the quad frame setup with the V-option.
    My setup is: 10x3.8 DJI props, MT2213-935kv, 20A HK esc (flashed with SimonK), APM2.5, 3DR power module and 3DR telemetry.
    I can't eliminate the vibrations as much as I would like but althold and loiter are working great.

    For vibration reduction I used 2 layers of HK foam (the white stuff).
    I've been looking and testing a long time to find the right setup but the MT2213 on 4s are just great.
    I hope this helps.


  • Team,

    Ive just finished building out a TBS Discovery with an APM.

    And it isnt as turnkey as the original f450 was...

    Ive pushed a modified firmware with the appropriate angles in the cpp file and levelled the APM with the V frame config. Those mods did improve some of my stability issues a bit however I am still struggling to get it to balance properly.

    The TBS Discovery was appealing to me because of the internal battery storage however it is so tail heavy it is almost impossible to control. Ive put a counter weight on the front which has improved it slightly but I dont want to have more weight on the copter.

    Can anyone make suggestions of where they have put the APM and the battery to get it to balance better?

    Currently I am flying w a 3s 5800 (425g). I thought my battery was too heavy however after some research even if I go to 4s, the weight different is still only about 20-30g difference.

  • I'm working on TBS frame to upgrade mine. Longer arms, bigger battery bay,stronger motors bigger slow turning props. Gimballed go pro. Stronger Tx Rx link.
  • Looking good :-)

  • 3692723814?profile=original


    My baby in wording.


  • Hi, I use the Vectric to DXF, also for CNC production. For the 3D design with Sketchup Pro.

    Here for tube clamps : MoonHobby

    @  Jan, thank you, yes it already smell cutting.

    Tarot FY680 Carbon Folding Positioning Group TL68B04-01 :
            Tarot FY680 Carbon Folding Positioning Group TL68B04-01 Tarot FY680 Carbon Folding Positioning Group adopts aluminum alloy precision CNC Mach…
  • Great work Yves - what tube clamps du you plan to use?

    What CAD software do you use?

  • Damn Yves.
    Looks even better than the one you showed me yesterday.
    Must be the shading that does the trick :-)
    Can't wait to get started on this one.

  • 3692713486?profile=originalHere, for a motor GT2218

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