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ArduCopterMega on a Guai 330s

ArduCopterMega, the next version of the official ArduCopter code, is flying well and will bring full UAV navigation to ArduPilot by syncing it up with the APM codebase. Right now Jason Short is testing it on different airframes. The video above is it running on a stock Gaui 330s frame, with default settings. Late in the video Jason tries some different PID gains, but you'll see there's a bit of oscillation and they're not as good as the default. Awesome to see that the code can handle quads of such different size (the Gaui 330 is about 60% the size of ArduCopter) with the same standard settings.
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    We're getting close to a public alpha. We need to get more flights under our belt and better documentation. I'll also have better support for changing the PIDs in the CLI soon. I set up an issues list on google code, but the support wiki is not quite there.


    I think we could offer a public alpha soon once these things are done, but I dread the support issues! I guess it comes with the territory. 


    Long term, my plan is to have it fully in sync with APM as soon as the trunk stabilizes to inherit GCS and Mavlink functionality.


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    Jack, we don't recommend that anyone other than the dev team use ACM at the moment. It changes by the hour and is not fully documented. The dev team can't answer any questions about how to use it until it's released in beta.
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    Sarawuth: we use a 3s 2200 battery. But remember we're using the alpha ACM code, not ArduCopter RC2. It's got a totally new control method.
  • Having looked at the new code and loaded it to test (even if pre-Alpha) it looks good. The only recommendation I would make is in the APM_Config.h I would still stub in and comment out many of the config options such as GPS_PROTOCOL, etc. I do like the new test harness which works very well. Thanks for all your efforts.
  • I have been flying NG code with great sucess for GPS and sonar for position and altitude hold. I am starting to fly ACM but not shure how to tune PID,s as I cant conect to configerator and no Xbee suport. What do you sugest.
  • What's battery you use. I'm use Gaui 330x-s frame too. With 2200mAh (2S) it work perfect with default PID. No need to tune up. But when change battery to 2200mAh (3S) it cause oscillation.



  • hexaframes are support.

    you may build one and provide us with all the details.

  • Is the ArduCopterMega support Hexa frame?
  • @guntars

    already visible in the svn.

    broswe the source source code and you see arducoptermega.


  • When can we expect to see ACM released as alpha?
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