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ArduIMU now available!

At last, the long-awaited ArduIMU is available! You can buy the hardware here (the first batch sold out within minutes, but he's making more quickly). The software is in beta, and you can find it here. It is, as promised, $99, making it the first sub-$100 AHRS in the world! Proper documentation is coming soon, but here are the highlights: Features -3 Axis Accelerometer -3 Axis Gyroscopes -Arduino Compatible (Atmega328 onboard) -Source Code included and Open Source! -Power LED (Green) -Status LEDs (Red, Blue, Yellow) -SPI port available for more sensors. -GPS port (uBlox ready!) -Code based on Bill Premerlani's Direction Cosine Matrix This is actually considered a full Attitude Heading Reference System, because it is IMU hardware plus the software to interpret the sensor readings and convert them into absolute attitude and heading information. The output is a serial ASCII string with raw sensor values and the DCM matrix values. You would use this with an autopilot board to convert those matrix values into commands for the your control surfaces. The board works without the GPS module, but in that case the yaw readings are unreliable. If you add the GPS, the yaw is corrected. We will be releasing a magnetometer module to do the same thing indoors.
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  • Thanks a lot Chris :)
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    I don't know of anything off the shelf for less than a few thousand dollars. You might check the Mikocopter work and the Booz work with Paparazzi. It's all pretty DIY, but they're more focused on multirotor than we are.
  • Hello Chris,

    Thank you for the reply. Is there any autopilot product/brand that you could suggest? I've read about some products e.g: PicoPilot, FMA and some others but I can't decide which one is the most suitable for Tri.

    Is there any reference site? I've tried google but I'd like to know if you guys have better suggestion.

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    No, ArduIMU+ does not have working code samples for Quads or Tri's. For that you need a full autopilot; ArduIMU+ would just be part of that.
  • Hello everyone,

    I'm new here and a total newbie in UAV stuff. I've been reading about Arduino, ArduPilot and ArduIMU (some others too e.g: Paparazzi & UAVDevBoard).

    I'm going to buy ArduIMU and I'd like to know if ArduIMU comes with a working code samples for Quad or Tricopter. Something that I could modify instead of writing everything from scratch to mix the ELE, AIL and THROTTLE.

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    Sam, not sure I understand your question. Could you rephrase?
  • I've recently bought the IMU for my plane, can i assume that the codes given in the manuals are applicable to this IMU as well?
  • Angus,
    technically you are correct. But as Chris said, "9DOF" is a common nomenclature for board with 3 gyros, 3 accel, and 3 mags - i.e when you see/hear someone mention "9 DOF" you know they mean gyros+accel+mags...It's just adopted terminology
  • It's still only 6DoF because the XYZ of the megnetometer are the same XYZ planes of the accelerometer.
    So you have the XYZ DoF, then the XYZ rotational DoF, adding up to the 6DoF.
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    Angus, "9DoF" is common shorthand for three 3-axis sensor sets.
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