ArduIMU V2 Demo (Video)

I have to be honest; i tried to kept this project as a little secret to void people waiting for it, so i have plenty of time to prototype. Not to mention that everything was running very slow because the school and we were moving the business to another location.I would like to give special thanks to Chris Anderson, Nathan Seidle (from SparkFun) and specially to William Premerlani, we've spent a great time together trying to adapt the code into Arduino Environment, a great experience for me (absolutely). Thank you Bill!The ArduIMU V2 is intended to be used for learning and general robotics, also will set the starting point for next incoming IMU based ArduPilot's (at the end of this year) and lot more! The code is based on the very well known Arduino Environment and is Open Source (of course!).The hardware consists on 3 axis accelerometers/gyroscopes, dual power regulator (3.3v and 5v), GPS port, an Atmega328@16mhz and a lot of status LED's.The code uses Direction Cosine Matrix code (By Bill Premerlani) and some other stuff extracted from ArduPilot (developed by me). You can read more about DCM here.The mass production is not clear yet, but the sensors can be purchased now from SparkFun or from our store. For now i will assemble just a few boards (ready to use) and sell them the next week (controller board with sensors) for around 100 bucks, sorry... For around $99 dlls. =) But being honest i will have to increase tiny bit the price to keep the DIYdrones store alive! Moving the business was kinda expensive.About the boards color, i will kindly ask Nate to change the color to blue because I'm unable to match his red (mine is more like orange). All the incoming boards from us will be blue anyway. =)The code will be released next week with the hardware. Please be patient. Thank you!Here is a demo video:
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  • Very cool staff ! You guys are masters...

    Can't wait to get one !
    Is it possible to take a look at your code Jordi to see how it works ?

  • Amazing!
    It is good to have the system on an arduino which will make it easy to see how DCM works.
    Ublox is a great GPS to be incorporating into the design.
  • Developer
    @Doug Weibel, i really recommend the switch now. Ublox will be the GPS for everything in the next incoming projects.

    @Master Premerlani, LOL the car was the best part, also let me see the great performance of the uBlox GPS against the LISY300 (remember?). I would like to synchronize in some way my brain with yours and transfer all your knowledge about control and programming. =) I hope see you soon Bill and thank you again!

    @To all, Thanks for all you support! ;-)
  • Crazy. can´t wait to have one complete board whit out the FMA sensors.

    Good work and cheap.
  • very good Jordi, good work as always :)
  • Wow!
    You have hinted at something in the works and I was afraid it might just be the mega version of the ardupilot. I have been working on my platform, holding out on ordering electronics but looks like I don't have to wait long!

    It was great meeting you at Makersfaire, Your work is very impressive! hope you enjoyed the NES buttons

    chris myers
  • Looks great jordi. Well done...
  • Developer
  • T3

    You are quite welcome. It is great to see you rolling this out.

    It was a lot of fun working with you and porting the DCM algorithm to your platform.

    You learn fast, and implement even faster. As you wrote the code, it seemed that you were reading my mind about what to do next. I would point to the screen of your laptop computer, grunt a couple of times, you knew just what to do, and your fingers flew over the keyboard. You are a real maestro.

    After you finished your firmware, the best part about testing it was verifying the accuracy of the centrifugal compensation, driving around a traffic circle as fast as I dared, pulling more 0.8 g centrifugal acceleration, according to your ground station, and screeching my tires. I was getting dizzy, but you just wanted to go faster.

    Good luck, best regards and full speed ahead!!

    Bill Premerlani
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  • Jordi,
    Do I have the list of things I need correct?

    Controller board, sensors, GPS, GPS cable, STD cable.

    Also, what program(s) are running on your base station (computer)?
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