ArduIMU v2 rulez!



I know ArduIMU with its ST's gyros is rather outdated product but it is still one of the cheapest, smallest and lightest IMUs available.

Thus, I'd like to share my FPV projects that are using ArduIMU v2.


First is the AXN Floater Jet plane with Ardupilot:


Here is the picture:

























Tx/Rx: Fox 800mW from Sunsky

Camera: Sony Board 540TVL from Securitycamera2000

OSD: Remzibi OSD from Diydrones

Headtracker: DT-3K from Flytron

Pan&Tilt: Large version from Hobbycity

Weight: 1 kg


Second is a quadcopter inspired by Jose Julio's ArduIMUQuad project:


Here is the picture:

























Tx/Rx: Fox 400mW from Sunsky

Camera: Sony Board 600TVL from Securitycamera2000

OSD: Remzibi OSD from Diydrones

Motors: 2838-14 750KV from Rctimer

ESCs: Turnigy Plush 25A from Hobbycity

Weight: 1.4 kg


If anyone is interested I can include sources for the quadcopter project ?




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  • hi, here is my config file:

  • Hi cholo, great job.

    I have used the AXN floater jet for may aotopilot project with Ardupilot.The setup is similar but I used XY-Z sensor instead of arduimu and there is no fpv equipment.

    You can see the pictures:







    3692190086?profile=originalhave flown a couple of times but the turnings of the plane is not as smooth as yours.I assume it is about the PID values. As for the similar setup could you share your config file?


  • > Prop size?


    APC 10x3.8

  • Prop size?
  • hi cholo i am also building one like jose's.
    i have all the setup component except ppm encoder which i have ordered from diy drone store.
    So any help from you will be definitely wonder for me.
    pls guide me with the code and other parameter related setting which i shoud made.
    i have uploaded quad1_mini_20 firmware to arduimu+v2 board.
    And i will be using magnetometer also.
    This domain may be for sale!
  • Developer

    Nice video Tx Antenna what is range range ?  1.3 ghz  or 910 mhz ?  Can you share it's design details ? 

    Pan/Tilt servos ?


  • hi all and thanks for the kind words :)

    Have updated the post to include pictures and some description of my setup.


    I can share the code for the quadcopter if someone wants to try it with its ArduIMU.

    For those who have no IMU yet and wants to build a quadcopter I suggest to look for the Arducopter Mega or MultiiWii projects.

  • Moderator
    Absolutely great job.
  • hi cholo,
    Great video.
    Can you post some close pics of your quad setup.
    so that it will be helpful for us to understand the setup as well as we can look at
    your assembly of all components.
  • Developer
    The mAhs are used pretty fast with 4 motors in hover about 14.5 amps. When maneuvering hard up to 23 amps, but not as much as many 3D heli setups. 100 amps + !
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