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  • It may be not a clone, it could be just the old version of the ArduIMU V3 and China is selling it. Has anyone bought it by ebay?   I found the ArduIMU+ V3 in cooking hacks but the price is higher:

    Buy DIYDrones ArduIMU+ V3 Online
    Best price in Cooking Hacks Electronics Online Shop. Description: The ArduIMU+ V3 is the latest and greatest version of DIYDrones' smart IMU. This ti…
  • For those interested, Jeff Rowberg published DMP arduino code for the MPU6050.  You can find it here:

  • The next question you must ask yourself, do they use the ES egineering samples for the 6000 or are they the production version with totally different rates (AKA the arducopter 2.55 patch)? Now wondering is that same question is true about the real arduimu v3? Mine is one of the first ones so it's an ES but are shipping ones the production version? Was the same patch ever added? If not, then a production version wouldn't work with the current published code if the same rate sensing patch was not applied.

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    Funny thing about that clone is the price, why would you pay almost the same price as the original for a clone that might not work?

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    briangeiger: We now have Invensese permission to distribute DMP code. Just haven't finished it yet. 

  • Why is ArduIMU still being sold as including DMP support when that is a total non-feature?

  • Dez, that's actually a clone of the Blade mQX, it's about twice the size of the Ladybird.

  • Speaking of clones here is the walkera qr ladybird clone.

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    "Item location: Shenzhen , China" == Clone

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