3689432775?profile=originalHi there! Finally you can pre-order the ArduIMU V3 here.. You can find more info abut it in my last post here

The final version of the board for full production is here, I'm expecting to start shipping them this Friday or Monday. 

We are still working on documentation and giving the final cosmetic touches to the example code to have it ready before you have one in your hands and at the same time we are shipping samples to developers to do a full DCM integration.


From now on our new color will purple! All our new products will feature a Lilypad style look! 


(Note: this is a stand-alone IMU, and is not designed to be a replacement for the "Oilpan" IMU shield of ArduPilot Mega.)

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  • I'd like to use this to stabilize an aerial photography mount. Are there enough pins left to control 2 or 3 servos and enough code space for some simple algorithms? Or would I need a separate processor (maybe a Teensy) for servo control?

  • Hello,

    do you know when the ArduIMU v3 will be avaliable in the stock?



  • Ignore my last comment.... I did some reading.... if you don't know what you need the IMU for than you do not need it at all.... but I still cant wait to play with it.

  • so this being a standalone IMU what would I need to do to have this completely replace the oil pan..... or is there a new version coming to us?

  • Jordi:


    What firmware are you shipping on hexa's?



  • @Eric Oh I am ;-)

  • @Eric Well, I would like to pre-order! It appears this is not possible since it is listed as out of stock and thus cannot be put in a cart. This is why I'm asking...

  • Jordi,


    Thanks for the update! Do you know when the V3 will be available?




  • Developer

    Jose Julio (one of our featured code developers) already implemented the internal motion fusion and he claims that is great! You can even fall very fast and will keep the quad in very good balance. Great sensor for our next autopilot. The code still under testing but will be released soon. For now you can pull out data and play with your sensor... 

  • Developer

    BTW Eagle files and arduino testing code is now available:

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