3689432775?profile=originalHi there! Finally you can pre-order the ArduIMU V3 here.. You can find more info abut it in my last post here

The final version of the board for full production is here, I'm expecting to start shipping them this Friday or Monday. 

We are still working on documentation and giving the final cosmetic touches to the example code to have it ready before you have one in your hands and at the same time we are shipping samples to developers to do a full DCM integration.


From now on our new color will purple! All our new products will feature a Lilypad style look! 


(Note: this is a stand-alone IMU, and is not designed to be a replacement for the "Oilpan" IMU shield of ArduPilot Mega.)

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  • FreeIMU uses the 6050 so we will soon see how the mag is integrated. it sounds difficult :)

  • Do you all have any plans of utilizing the MPU-6050 on this board? According to Invensense 9DOF fusion is only supported on the MPU-6050 Rev. B. We can obviously code up some "fusion" of our own but this isn't really optimal.

  • @Chris. Yes that was a nice offer to pay all the costs and it is certainly best for new users to send the board to 3dr . The board works well but I have noticed a few minor things:-

    1) If the pins along the egdes are touched when power is connected then the board stops working until power/reset.

    2) As per Harrys picture.. Sometimes the mpu 6000 values are 0. This needs morer testing and is possibly related to point 1). It's difficult to repeat but has happened a few times.

  • 3D Robotics

    Again, if anybody needs the bootloader reflashed, 3D Robotics will do it for free, including all shipping. If you choose to do it yourself, it may damage the board and will void the warrenty, so we really recommend that everyone take advantage of the 3D Robotics offer. 

  • 3D Robotics
    Harry, what do you mean? You shouldn't have had to pay a penny to have the bootloader reflashed. Please PM so we can clear this up.
  • re: whoami. I guess the mpu6000 might be totalled but that would show that some extra protection is required in the hardware design. The arduino chip and the mag are still working.

    Try a clean start by pluging usb into pc and without touching the board.

    Are you sure you have not altered the test code?

  • it's interesting that you get that because I got all zeros sometimes when i tested the board. It was only sometimes and worked after a reset. Have you reset the board by removing the power? Not got a solder short? Not holding the board by any of the pins when it starts?

  • For what it's worth, the "whoami" message is also a 0.  Is there a piece of mpu6000 code I could put in to reset something or is it totalled? 

  • If I remember right the pitch and roll are in degrees -180 to +180 but I might be wrong. It is documented somewhere but I haven't got a month spare to hunt through the wiki :) Even then it might be out of date.

  • I'll remind myself of the v2 code and add a note over the weekend

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