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Arduino 20 is out!

Mostly just adds support for the new Uno and Mega boards: Get it here. From the release notes:

* Added support for the Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega 2560.* Including ATmega8U2 firmware used by Uno and Mega 2560.* Including source code to optiboot bootloader used by the Uno.
* Including source code to the stk500v2 bootloader used by Mega 2560.

PS: the Eagle files for the two boards are now up, too.

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  • It's amazing how far Arduino has gotten without a debugger. But no it's not just you. I feel like developing code without a debugger is like typing with your nose. It's not impossible, but it's a really inefficient way to go.
  • Is it just me, or would it be amazing to have a debugger? So many times I have been frustrated by not being able to step through my code. Things that would take me minutes with a debugger take hours or days without it.

    Also, I really really wish they supported XCode - I feel so at home in XCode and so out of place with the Arduino environment. I googled and found someone who had set up XCode, but it was for an older version that does not translate to the newer versions. It would be so great if they officially supported XCode.

    Those would be my only two wishes. I can dream, right?
  • anyone forsee the apm2.0 coming?
  • Are we going to use this for UAV''s
  • Moderator
    The Modkit should get people started pretty quickly, especially youngsters. It reminds me a lot of the old Lego Mindstorms "programming".
  • Very nice. Sounds like it was a big weekend for DIY hardware. Really wish I could have been @ this Makerfaire. I saw this cool Modkit GUI for Arduino was featured there too.
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