Arduino ModeSwitch with LEDs


6 Way mode switch gets life...

Finally after several iterations on PCB and electronics design, first jDrones ModeSwitches are getting to daylight.

First boards are fully operational and we are testing them with several of our test flyers. 

Stefan made original Arduino Sketch for his boards and we started to work from point forward.

There are total of two models of this ModeSwitches coming. One is this as shown on above and another will have even more intelligence in forms of OLED displays and programmable menus. 

Later boards will be installed on nice cases and we are looking now what type of cases to use for these boards. 

Features of the ModeSwitch:

  • ArduPilot specific flight modes, 6 modes in total
  • Easy to connect to RC radios. Use trainer port, has 3.5mm jack and pin headers
  • +5V and +12V operation voltages with polarity protection, DF13 connector and pin headers
  • Removable caps on switches for mode texts
  • Size 35 x 100mm, yes it's long but also has big easy to access buttons.


Jani / jDrones

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  • hey

    Nice work done by you. Looking for similar project. Do you have the code to be written on andruino pro mini for this project? also need a proper circuit diagram. It will be very helpful if you will provide this to me


  • Seems this project is dead. If the system actually works and is just not being produced for other reasons would it be possible to publish the circuit board design and sketch so we can make our own?

  • Hi Jani, thank you for your comment on the "Adding External LED Indicators and a Piezo Beeper for Arm and GPS Status" thread. Masha Allah the "OLED ModeSwitch" looks really nice. Very informative, leaving no guess work for colour blind people like me.
    Are you going to start a separate thread on it? If you are please let me know where it is so I may follow and add some comments.
  • Developer

    Status updates:

    - 3rd set of PCBs are currently in factory and they will arrive soon

    - It has now passthrough port so everything else except Ch1 will be passed as it comes in to output

    @martin, i don't see why it would not work with DX6i. Board does not care on/off channels. It reads all 8 inputs and puts them to out (except ch1). 

    It's more or less features of the radio how you can configure that which input does to what output on your radio. 

    Our upcoming OLED module will have much better configuration options as then you can define all input/outpus channel orders etc on that. 


  • I want to know if this would work with the spektrum DX6i ?
    Remember that the DX6i have 2 on-off channels (Landing Gear and Flaps)

  • I like it  !!!

    I want one. I need one.

  • That's great Jani, looking to get a telemetry distribution board from you so I may as well hang on and get them in the same order.

  • Developer

    Jeff, we should have it on market in about month or so. Currently working on enclosures etc. After those are solved we will release first set. 

  • Other than "when it's ready", any sort of timescale for being ready for sale? ;)

    Oh and if there is a bracket available, please make it left and right switchable ....

  • Developer

    Check out this bebe... OLED post as promised:

    Menu system is well working and we are doing some monitoring functionalities now for passthrough features

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