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  • Developer
    Good looking wing, would you post any plans when available, I plan to build a 3 meter wing for long endurance and moderate payloads and weigh just under 4.8 kilos fully loaded. Head control of separate HD video camera and std video OSD video for pilot, OSD video and HD can be slaved together or HD can be pointed by camera man. I will use separate gyros to stabilize both pitch and roll as wings are very twitchy to control (spiral death dives) I am flying a custom modified Stryker (w std video camera) and a Pocket Combat Wing, I have crashed both many times, they just bounce. I made several modifications to both to help crash survival. Stryker has high wing loading with camera installed, flys for 5-6 mins. Combat wing is more difficult to fly, but can fly for 20 mins, and is small, 18" wing span. CG adjustment is very critical for both, just a slight bit rearward and wings will spiral dive very easy. Control throws are critical too. Stryker really likes to roll fast. I will post some video of a spiral death dive. And a split screen test flight also (after a little editing)
  • Hi guys,
    Great work.
    I have been busy building the 5' flying wing. Sooo many things to learn !
    I didn't know what I was getting into !

  • Let me post my weekly nagging about the release date for version 2.2: "Are we there yet....?" :-)
  • Developer
    Thanks! But we are also trying to document this very well.. ;-)
  • I feel like a kid in a candy store looking forward to the great things you guys are doing. Thank you.
    I wish I could contribute in some way, but I'm forever asking questions to learn about the emerging feature set.
  • Developer
    Really huge changes for 2.2!
  • 3D Robotics
    Matt, it's a minor bug fix, which solves a problem with the jumper and putting the GPS into binary mode. It is compatible with the shield (as was 2.1) but the big changes aren't coming until 2.2
  • When was 2.1.2 released? Is this now fully compatible with the shield?
  • 3D Robotics
    AludrA: Only to the Attiny, which controls the MUX.
  • (newbie)... is the CTRL pin connected to Atmega368 at all or only to the MUX?

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