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    Fred Forber, Can you check if R1 is equal to 1k, please?
  • Jordi, I'm not sure whether it is the board or not. If you look at the measurements I took and documented in the Ardupilot forum, when the GPS is connected, it seems D7 will not stay high while uploading, causing a uart conflict. Also, during the brief period D7 is high, the transistor collector is 1.5v, somewhat higher than the expected less than 1v. This seems to be enough to keep the 3.3v led lit.

    I am using the FTDI USB TTL-232 cable
  • This is what I get as well from 2 computers
  • I have a similar problem....I can't upload the schetch file as long as the GPS is connected to shield....I can get a good lock after reconnecting the GPS ....Lots of action
    from the elevator and speed sensor but the rudder doesn't move in the walk around test after taking a fixed position from the from the sytem ....Also with the varible control on channel six it goes to the auto mode in the middle and the mux light comes on and stays on as I progress to the RTL end of the control ....Also I cant' get the Config tool to interact with Ardu pilot so I can't add any way-points ....Any help appreciated ....
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    Well that indicates that be board is ok, is problem of the computer or something with the utlity. Are you using sparkfun FTDI right?
  • The issue of the GPS not being properly disabled during upload is also being discussed in an Ardupilot forum, thread called "Ardupilot upload problem"
  • gps blue light solid, red light on sheild solid, in config utility I hit read, both lights go out at the same time, then red light goes on bright then off then on then the blue light comes on and they are both solid on. I get "I can't read it!"

    in the arduino code loading program the same behaviour. But I can upload code with the gps unplugged.

    As for D7 I don't have anything hooked to it at the moment and can't ground it. Also if it helps the reset button does not work after code has been uploaded. I have to unplug everything then power it on without the usb cable plugged in. then the reset button will work.
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    Hi Steve.

    Yes actually i first test it with EM406. Then i tried the uBlox. Make some test for me and randomly control the pin D7 and tell me if you see the red LED on the shield turn on and off.

  • Hi Steve/Jordi,
    The shield does not do a good job of dissabling the 406 for me either and makes Arduino hang forever whilst uploading code.

    If I unplug the GPS, the code loads just fine.

    Jordi, did you get your 406/shield combination working 100% before you moved to UBlox?

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