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  • 3D Robotics

    If you're using a separate battery, have you switched the BATT solder jumper?
  • i guess you're right about the update rate...
    but are you walking around to try it?

    the center position windows is very very fin so it's rare to get it in fact...
    you have to keep walking to get a true heading.
    i don't see what going wrong, are you using a digital servo? (some of them can cause trouble)

    hope that help a bit
  • Hi fefenin,
    My setup is the same as in the picture but without the esc and I have a seperate battery powering the board. I have a red ATmega328 board.
    I do get a lock (blue light)
    The NE code never goes in the center and the ardupilot 1.0 code makes the servo go to two discreet positions only. There are no intermediate positions. It also sometimes updates faster than 1hz which I don't think is possible with the em-406a.

    In the arduino serial terminal I see that it prints the home longitiude and latitude when the board is reset. It also prints out the servo position and home altitude but that is all. After that, it does not print anything else out. Is that normal?

    Thanks for the help!
  • hi, Matt
    you have to know that the rudder is moving only in two position and the center (three exactly)
    if you did set up your hardware like that:

    and if you run the NE code you should be able to see the rudder moves center when you are heading NE and it should move right and left to regain the path if your walking away from NE

    do you get a lock (blue light)

    the serial print stuff is for debbuging or for the ground station to know what's going on into the Micro it should be into the ACME tab.

    give me more information about your hardware and i'll try to help you...

    good luck with that
  • Hi,
    I am trying to set up an ardupilot with the 1.0 code however the servo just moves between two fixed positions randomly (anywhere from twice a secon to once every five seconds). I am using the EM-406A GPS and have correctly loaded the code many times but it doesn't work. I've also tried the NE code but it just behaved the same.

    I did notice that there are some undeclared variables in the 1.0 code with the serialprint which were removed to upload the code.

    Does anyone know what I can do to get it working.
  • Angus,

    i did try the the north east 1.0V test soft on a rc car and after tweaking a bit the Yaw min and max value i was able to properly run it (the car would go north east even if a tree is here in the middle)

    at first i tryed without pluging anything to the throttle input pin on ardupilot and it doesn't work at all you NEED to plug any channe,l even if you use manual throttle, to fake a proper channel .

    i guess it would be better on a boat because it's easier to get more space without obstacles

    now i'll need to try the waypoint naviguation on v1.0
    and after that i will try the 2.2 with speed hold (airspeed!)

    when i've got more time i'll try to send a video to show you how the car is going on automode.

    good work all!
  • Hello....
    I have the Sparkfun FTDI cable and adapter writing and reading the Way-Points using the Ardupilot Config Utility ......
    Thanks to Damon's sugestion of lifting pin 6 from the Sparkfun adapter....I just bent the pin away from the connector for the trial ...But have to restore it to load sketch files ....Late here now but I will check the required logic status of pin 6 tomorrow and find out the best way to add a switch or logic signal to do the same thing ....Thanks again to Damon

    Take care all DE VO1ET Jerry
  • Jordi,
    do you think it'll be best for Angus to use the 2.2 or 1.0 version for that Car purpose?

    i'll be interrested to try that out on a boat somedays...
  • Developer

    You can do it easily, all the depends on your programming skills and dedication. You can also adopt many functions of ardupilot code.

  • hi, Angus

    i'm not one of the masters here but i gess what you espect is very possible and you should use the V1 soft

    it should work as it ...

    when you swtitch to autopilot with ardupilot V1 the rudder (steering wheel) will always try tor return "home" straigh (Line of sight) when the throttle is preset to a define level (i can't remeber properly)

    i guess it would be interresting for you as well to set multi waypoints to navigate and avoid obstacles...

    i've got all the things to try it if you want me to, so just tell me and i'll put everything on my cheap RC car and see what happens....
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