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    You can google the Colbert Report Chris Anderson. You will have even torrents available. =)
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    Error message "Video not available outside U.S."
  • Go Chris !!!
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    Gracias Ernani, I will add it to the next release.
  • Thanks Thomas. It was a lot of work, and many nights with my head scrambled. But success today made all of it a memory. Now to stop the drunkin swerving and I am locked in and good to go!!!
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    Congratulations on a successful test flight! Your hard work has paid off well!

    Adjusting the waypoint radius in the Flight Configuration seems to do the trick to get your plane to fly between the waypoints. Hopefully Jordi can help you to stop the weaving between waypoints.

  • Haven't tried fly-by-wire will test that tomorrow. But today I had 2 successful 3 waypoint flighs. Still a lot of tweaking to do, but I am getting there. Definately thanks go out to Jordi for all the support. I still have some tuning to do, but 2 1/2 mile 3 waypoint flights today. Really a good day!! To all the people working on this project, it will take time to get everything tweaked, do not give up. Learn and learn some more, bounce ideas off of others on this site and you will get success. No doubt in my mind, thanks to Bryan, Thomas C, and Jordi....and Bill P...
  • I tweaked the serial upload part of the ardupilot code, to record the flight data, to identify the system and calculate the control gains (I boarded a logger). I am using a locosys with 5Hz, and with the additional traffic, the overruns became a problem. While debugging I noticed that the nmea code didn’t have overrun protection, allowing the routine to write beyond the end of the input buffer. So, I wrote the overrun protection, and the diff code follows, Is diff´ed from version 1.0, the version I forked from.

    < if(buffer[counter]=='$') // Verifica a sincronizacao
    < {
    < buffer[0] = buffer[counter]; // recomeça, para resincronizar
    < counter = 0; // do começo do buffer
    < checksum = 0; // recomeça o checksum
    < // unlock já está na condição certa
    < }
    < if (counter >= nbuff) // verifica se chegou ao fim do buffer
    < {
    < // fim do buffer => algo errado, volta ao começo, esperando novo início de pacote
    < counter = 0; // do começo do buffer
    < checksum = 0; // recomeça o checksum
    < unlock = 0; // recomeça a espera pelo início de pacote
    < }

    Hope this helps.

    By the way: with the upload traffic limited, my green board ardupilot is holding well the locosys at 5Hz.
  • I would also like to hear from people who have had success with this system.... It hasn't worked for me yet ....I have all the hardware hook- up in my EasyStar with the way-points loaded properly..... Several near misses and one nose in this afternoon ....Is there a preferred version sketch file for first flight test ??
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