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  • hi guys tell what are the softwares available for autopilot


  • Chris and Jordi and ALL the others
    Thanks so much for keeping to your word on approximate schedules. I have both boards and all the connectors and as long as I can solder well enough, I will have success. You guys are truly amazing for the highest quality of work for us in this high tech community. Do we really realize what we have in our hands? - I worked on a few autopilot simulations at Boeing and except for the ruggedized triple redundancy hardware provided there, this system could meet the same control law designs that are used for the 7x7 world - amazing!
  • @Chris

    Great , noticed it earlier. The big clear images showing the boards are really helpful.

  • Admin

    You need to update the ArduPilot Mega Home Page with the link to the manual.

  • Fantastic. Can't wait for my boards to show up. Looking really forward to converting my AeroQuad over to the new setup, and get to work on the iPhone Control app and the iPad ground station :-)

  • Developer
    @Taylos, we are still working a lot on pricing and doing protos so no official prices yet but we try to push it as low as possible. Original max price for project was 1000 USD and I'm sure that we can go under $500 all included, how much that is still unknown. One our target price was $350 but that might be really hard to achieve. So it will be some where between those two values. In next two weeks we should have know them all better.

    Trust me, when we know. We will announce it immediately :)
  • So what is the estimate on everything being ready for arduCopter and the kit?
  • Thank you Chris!
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