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Convert any RC airplane into a fully-autonomous UAV!
Just add the APM 2 autopilot to any RC aircraft and it becomes a fully-programmable flying robot with a powerful ground station and Mission Planner.  


Features include:

  • Return to Launch with a flick of your RC toggle switch or a mouse click in the graphical Ground Station
  • Unlimited 3D GPS waypoints
  • Built-in camera control
  • Fully-scriptable missions
  • One-click software load, and easy point-and-click configuration in the powerful Mission Planner. NO programming required!
  • Replay recorded missions and analyze all the data with a graphing interface
  • Supports two-way telemetry with Xbee wireless modules. 
  • Point-and-click waypoint entry or real-time mission commands while the UAV is in the air
  • Fly with a joystick or gamepad via your PC--no need for RC control!
  • Built-in failsafe will bring your aircraft home in the case of radio loss


All instructions and software are here.






APM 2 is an open source, Arduino-compatible, pro-quality autopilot. It is the most advanced IMU-based open source autopilot available today, and provides an entire UAV control system with scriptable missions with 3D waypoints, in-flight uploading of commands and powerful ground station software. 


APM 2 supports any kind of of vehicle with a one-click change of code. Available code include ArduPlane (fixed wing), ArduCopter (rotary wing), ArduRover (ground vehicles) and more.


Everything you need to create an ArduPlane UAV:


APM 2.5 autopilot with GPS ($179)

[Optional] Telemetry kit ($75).



You'll also need a at least a five-channel RC radio setup, a soldering iron, a mini USB cable and of course something that flies!3689354440?profile=original (We're partial to the SkyFun delta wing (right) and
Bixlee 2   powered glider (left) or its equivalents ourselves).






Source code/firmware

Note: ArduPilot Mega requires no programming, but it's open source and you're welcome to modify it if you'd like. If you are going to play with the code, you can use the free Arduino IDE to edit and upload the code to the ArduPilot board.



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  • 3D Robotics
    Kelvin, I think it would be a pretty straightforward thing to add to the code, but I'm afraid none of the dev teams that I know of flies V-tails or flaperons, so it hasn't been a priority for them (also, as best as I recall we've only been asked for this by three people out of 5,000 Ardu* owners).

    But that's the virtue of open source--this is a great project for the community (especially those who have such configurations) to take on. My suggestion is that it be a CLI setting, since we don't have any more spare DIP switches.

    In the meantime, can you link to the hardware solution you found? I can add that to the manual.
  • Blueeyes: Thanks. I've tried posting this on RCG also, but no one answered. My aircraft setup has ailerons, throttle, and a V-tail. I programmed the radio for V-Tail and it works great. The only problem is when the Ardu takes over it and moves only one of the surfaces. I ordered a V-Tail 1:1 mixer from HK and hope this fixes the problem. A software solution would be better, but my coding skills aren't that great.
  • Kelvin: If no one can answer your question, let me know. I have a flapperon setup on my plane and need a different servo setup. It looks like Ill have to modify the code to do it. I can look into supporting vtail, too.
  • I'm working on a new aircraft design. Does anyone here know if the APM can handle a "V" tail?
  • 3D Robotics
    Kelvin: that's been pushed back by a few months. Too many products, too little time.
  • How's the Rembizi/APM integration project going? Chris said about a month or so on RCGroups (that was a month or so ago).
  • Yeah well its a dirty workaround since i have to change all calls on Serial1 and Serial3...will have a look at all of the code later...but i'm happy that there is a way ;)
  • oic said the blind man! ;) sorry about the damage, but glad you found a work around.
  • No, but i dont have a GPS-Cable that fits the white connector. And BTW...the white connector runs through the GPS pin headers, so if those are damaged i cant even connect it to the white connector. So i just use the telemetry port for gps.
  • im confused, why would you need to? are you saying both ports are damaged?
This reply was deleted.