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3689393964?profile=originalBy popular demand, ArduPilot Mega is now available as an all-in-one kit for $250. It includes everything you need for a functioning autopilot with GPS, even including RC cables.


We'll soon be offering wireless telemetry options for this, too, along with a ArduCopter version that comes with a magnetometer. A pre-soldered version of APM will also be available in a month or so, once we put in place a rock-solid testing process.


In the meantime, you can buy APM pre-soldered with code loaded and tested from uDrones for $349.

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  • Here is the main use for my ftdi cable though...


  • ah k. Forgot IMU has FTDI on board.
  • I haev loads of reasons for owning a ftdi cable, upgrading firmware on ublox, and xbee, configuration changes on xbee and ublox, direct connect to telemetry port for hil on usb and gcs on ftdi to the groundstation with no need of running xbee's, um... plus more but you get my drift. But to include? I dunno, but I bought mine with the APM board before the IMU had came out. so it was required :)
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    1) Why would anyone need an FTDI cable? APM is USB native.

    2) The DIY Drones factory makes its own APM boards now.

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    dydx, it does not need any FTDI cable just normal USB cable is enough. IMU board has FTDI adapter onboard.
  • This is a great idea. A couple of questions:


    - Was consideration made to include the FTDI programmer cable? Most people starting out will need one of these too.

    - Is the APM purchased from Sparkfun and included in the kit or does the store now make these too?

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    Dave, it's no harder than an Arduino shield. APM has a whole suite of tests to check every part of your hardware. It's all interactive and pretty easy to use.
  • I have put together a few Arduino shields, but i'm not a pro solderer, by any means. Is it reasonable that i'd be able to put together this kit properly, or would you advise me to wait for the pre-soldered version?


    I'm willing (and interested) to try, i'm just worried about my ability to properly test it afterwards to ensure everything is running properly. I don't want to have long-term issues due to my soldering ability (never mind my flying abilities!). Are there self-tests that can be run to verify all systems after assembly?

  • I knew there was a reason I was holding off buying my APM!  This will make life much easier.  Thanks.
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    dydx: we're just selling the electronics, which are not export controlled by themselves. It's not an autopilot without code. If you want to buy it with code loaded, you need to buy outside the US at udrones.com
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