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BEng in Avionics from QUT.

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APM, Fixed wing navigation, communication protocols



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PeteD commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post The VR goggle meets Rube Goldberg
"She didn't get fired from some "startup" it was Valve. It was a pretty big news story in tech/gaming circles when it happened. But no information was given as to why Jeri et. al. was fired. Now we have some more insight. The OP writes this like he…"
Oct 20, 2013
PeteD commented on Robert Gubala's blog post LiPo disaster
"I often wonder what "Don't leave a LiPo charging unattended" means. Do people actually sit in front of the battery for the whole duration of charge?
When I charge, I use a LiPo bag with a 0.5m clearance around it and ensure that everyone in the…"
Aug 20, 2013
PeteD posted a discussion
Hi,I'm looking at buying an APM for a fixed-wing initially, but with the intention to use it on a quad at some point in the future.From what I understand, the only difference between the two versions is the removal of the onboard magnetometer from…
Aug 8, 2013
PeteD commented on Hasufel's blog post Small in size, big on power: new microbatteries the most powerful yet
"Much better article: http://www.extremetech.com/computing/153614-new-lithium-ion-battery...

This clarifies that energy density is on par with li-on - no energy density breakthrough. However its still pretty cool. So long as you have a charge source…"
Apr 18, 2013
PeteD commented on Hasufel's blog post Small in size, big on power: new microbatteries the most powerful yet
"The article - Which supplies a dubious lack of detail - is focused on power density, not energy density (hence the comparison with supercapacitors). Power density is not the determining factor when it comes to the range of electric vehicles."
Apr 18, 2013
PeteD commented on Yusuf Pirgali's blog post Oblivion - Petrol on the fire film.
"I think DIYrobotics could work. But it seems like it's only America that has an issue with the word 'drone'"
Apr 13, 2013
PeteD commented on Andrew Aarestad's blog post Announcing WalriPilot: Ground station for your personal aquatic mammal
"Does it integrate well with Google Nose?"
Apr 2, 2013
PeteD commented on CaliDave's blog post "In My Dreams" - FPV Video from Team Echelon
"Why the repost? It was posted here: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/another-great-video-from-team-e...
You even commented on it...?"
Mar 21, 2013
PeteD commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Golf Channel using drone to film golfers at Arnold Palmer Invitational
"They often use helicopters to get shots at golf tourneys and a hexa like this could easily replace a full size heli. But not like this. That is just too close and the noise would be distracting."
Mar 19, 2013
PeteD posted a blog post
David Windestal posts a video where he uses some relatively high powered video and RC transmitters to guide a small foamie glider back to Earth after releasing it from a weather balloon. It wasn't entirely successful, but pretty cool nonetheless.…
Mar 8, 2013
PeteD commented on Ron Perry's blog post Ground control station in the form of a tattoo!
"I've been reading some sci-fi lately. This kind of thing has been a staple of sci-fi in a few places that I've seen. They are particularly important to the story in Peter F Hamilton's commonwealth Saga. It is always exciting to read articles…"
Feb 26, 2013
PeteD commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post Lots of changes to APM development!
"These all seem like good changes. One question though. Will the manuals/wiki still remain on code.google? Or is there a plan to migrate them as well?"
Jan 16, 2013
PeteD posted a blog post
I'm not sure what the longevity of brushless motors in water would be - you wouldn't want to get water in the bearings. Seems like a pretty cool frame nonetheless.
Oct 22, 2012
PeteD posted a blog post
I believe Channel 10 were putting together the "Official Documentary" of the OBC. This report briefly features the OBC at Kingaroy, Quads, FPV, and the usual reckless-hobbyist/privacy/laws-behind-technology rhetoric.
Oct 11, 2012
PeteD commented on Chris Anderson's blog post CanberraUAV (ArduPlane) wins Outback Challenge!
"Does CanberraUAV still win the prize money? What were the circumstances surrounding the prop/engine failure? The end result seems a bid dodgy to me considering it was the organizers fault for CanberraUAV failing the mission."
Oct 2, 2012
PeteD commented on Eirik Mikkelsen's blog post Self-built flying wing
"Why put the ESC on the bottom? I don't think it will last long there.
Have you test flown yet? Prop should be ok, the only specs I could find are here: http://www.uberallmodel.cz/index.php?id=15&lang=en.
How much does it weigh? I get the sense that…"
Sep 7, 2012