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  • Did you vacuum form the frame? If so what kind of thermoplastic did you use? Looks awesome. I am trying to make one for some river environmental monitoring.

  • Thanks Kevin, I am very eager to see some fishing videos. When you get it going let me know and I would be happy to post it on the website.

    I will be posting the size of motor mounts that need to used... that detail was overlooked

  • My quads arrived today. They look fantastic....Nice Job !

    I would be fishing now but the motors I bought for it won't work and the spares I have are to big  :(


  • You are right a little customer service would go a long way. The hole point to ALL of this!

  • Aquacopters, I appreciate your effort in making sure we get a working, high quality product. Kevin, I think we all understand your frustration with delays, but saying they're being deceptive and yelling (typing in caps) is just irritating. They're responding and explaining the situation. I guess reading this frustrates me as I have a small business, I deal with this frequently. In fact, even with service in top notch and I'm running on time people can't be pleased, and/or won't forgive a small issue. But hey... I guess at least he hasn't broken out the typical threat of lawsuit, chargeback,or physical violence yet.

    Anyway, Good luck on your business.

  • I understand and read the statement about 5 to 7 day  until shipped......I waited 10 day to send an email to you that you did not reply to so what do you want me to think!

  • I agree with fixing the design........but not returning emails and no contact with the people who purchased their product 

    for all I know they packed up and took off with my money ! would not be the first time

    And yes I do Feel that it is Deceptive not to be honest with your customers and just letting them hang


  • Kevin, I am hardy being deceptive. When you go to the website it does state "we are striving to ship out orders within 5-7 business days from the date initially ordered". I do not expect you or anyone else to go to another source to find out what is going on, but I referenced it so people including yourself could be aware. That is why I also explained what was going on in response to your gripe. If you have a concern or question that you can't find the answer to, please email us. There is simply not enough time to send individual update emails to everyone while we are trying to catch up.

    However, I did check on your order and it looks like it will be shipped today or tomorrow at the latest. Thanks

  • We are all makers on this site, we can certainly sympathize with aquacopters; both in ability to build things rapidly and in communication (both things that small operations building first time products suffer with).  The comment above doesn't seem deceptive or out of place.  After all 3DR took forever to ship my APM and I had to follow them on twitter to get any update at all and they are an established company

    Seems to me, aquacopters is doing the right thing by fixing their design.  

  • No I don't think you get it . Really, you have several hundreds of my dollars, Why would expect me to go to one of the several hundreds of form sites to find out you have a problem!!!!

    Try putting it on you web site where "YOUR CUSTOMERS"  are going to be looking.

    Why am I getting an apology on DIY Drones........You have my email address and every one else that has ordered from you

    An email would have been nice considering you have my money and I have nothing,  have heard nothing until NOW !

    Customer service goes a long way in keeping you customers happy......THIS NOT HOW IT IS DONE !

    It appears that you are being deceptive in the operation of you company just an FYI 

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