Oblivion - Petrol on the fire film.

3689515863?profile=originalWe went to see the new Tom Cruise film "Oblivion" last night, and it was an intresting story and twist.

The main charachter "Jack" was a Droid engineer repairing the Droids when ever they go broken or shot at etc.

This was an ok scenario but later when you find out they were actually there to kill any human, then this whole current debate about Droids becomes starkly a reality, and will spread the paranoia for our hobby.

The other day i was flying my quad and some people came across and asked is that a Droid, i had to say no even though in German it is the correct word for what it is, and i had to say no a type of Helicopter. They went away happier, but then noticed the camera on board, and looked at me a bit puzzled.

I really think we need a name change from DIY Drones to DIY Aerial Platforms ??

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  • 100KM

    lol ok :)

  • 'ello.... pretty much most of the trailers I've seen spoil that tidbit.

  • 100KM
    Hello... Spoiler alert?
  • The only difference between "drone" and manned airplane is that the pilot don't need to hope to find a gaz station or an airplane carrier to go to restroom !

  • Here in Austria people also immediately think about killer robots when you say the word drone (or in German Drohne). We try to avoid that word in all our communication :(
  • John and I are trying to steer the vocabulary to less alarming, more technically correct terms at the DroneSpeak website.

    We offer this as a definition for the word 'drone':


    • an unmanned vehicle capable of purposeful movement without real-time human guidance

    I usually answer folk when they ask about my quad by saying it is a specialized RC helicopter.

    We humans should always be in the loop.

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  • I think DIYrobotics could work. But it seems like it's only America that has an issue with the word 'drone'

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