Minneapolis, MN

About Me:

I'm an iOS developer, GPS engineer, and hardware hacker.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I want to create platforms that will enable new UAV applications. I'm also interested in how we can make the transition to high-reliability software as UAVs are integrated into the National Air Space.


Minneapolis, MN

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Andrew Aarestad posted a blog post
Hey everyone, I'm excited to announce a new group on meetup.com:Minnesota Autonomous Vehicle ClubThe focus of the group will be fielding an entry in SparkFun AVC.  We will host build sessions, ground school, and flight testing events in the lead-up…
Apr 4, 2013
Andrew Aarestad posted a blog post
http://www.walripilot.comEver had the need, or perhaps uncontrollable urge, to monitor and control your personal aquatic mammal using an iPad or iPhone? Then the latest fork of ArduPilot is what you need: WalriPilot.Using WalriPilot, you can* have…
Apr 1, 2013
Andrew Aarestad commented on Jani Hirvinen's blog post New GPS devices for ArduCopter/ArduPlane/ArduRover use
"Nice antenna options. I'd love to see a multi-GNSS module for drones, but I guess most operations are currently out in open spaces where additional constellations don't really buy you much (unless you could use them to do multi-frequency…"
Mar 31, 2013
Andrew Aarestad commented on Joshua Johnson's blog post Minneapolis, Minnesota Fly Club Group
"Thanks for putting this together Joshua! Do you think there would be interest in the Minneapolis area for regular meetups for drone discussion?"
Mar 31, 2013
Andrew Aarestad commented on Bryan Galusha's blog post Drones in Engadget Expand Coverage
"Thanks everyone, we were glad to have the controls in the capable hands of David Long for the flight demo - it was over water in front of media and we had recently lost an ESC on the quad that was flown!  Only had time to burn one or two flight…"
Mar 29, 2013
Andrew Aarestad left a comment for Joshua Johnson
"Hey Joshua, good to connect with you.  I'd love to meet fellow RC enthusiasts from the Minneapolis area and demo our Fighting Walrus Radio for iOS telemetry if anyone is interested."
Mar 19, 2013
Andrew Aarestad commented on Bryan Galusha's blog post iOS Groundstation on indiegogo
"Thanks for your support and feedback everyone!  We are looking forward to using one of our beta radios to program our flight path at AVC...

Also I wanted to apologize for the confusion regarding shipping prices etc.  We've been working with…"
Mar 19, 2013