Drones in Engadget Expand Coverage



Our demo flight for our Fighting Walrus Radio is shown several times in the Engadget Expand video.  We are flying standard 3DR quad hooked up to our iPad for telemetry.

You can see it at:
0:10 (short)
4:07 (longer)

And a brief pan past our booth at 3:04


Thanks again to everyone that help us pull off the flying demo!

Link is here:







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  • Thanks everyone, we were glad to have the controls in the capable hands of David Long for the flight demo - it was over water in front of media and we had recently lost an ESC on the quad that was flown!  Only had time to burn one or two flight batteries to test it before the demo...

  • I definitely will, we are a small business and can always use the help from those willing to help.  I can't tell you how helpful the outpouring of support from the DIYDrones community has been.

  • Bryan It's great how well everything is coming along let Andrew know if he ever needs any assistance to let me know!

  • Thanks so much, very appreciated.

  • 3D Robotics

    Bravo. I've backed the project on IndieGogo and hope others will, too. Will tweet as well. 

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