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CaliDave replied to CaliDave's discussion FPV Community Survey - Survey COMPLETED
"Hey all, sorry for the delay to post this info. I've been super busy and needed to get the raw data into it's own PDF. Both that and my report on the survey are posted to the first post here.…"
Mar 20, 2014
CaliDave posted a discussion
This is an anonymous survey used to gather responses that can be helpful to better understand the FPV community as a whole.The responses will not be used against anyone in any way, will not be sold, and will be made public on or before December…
Feb 10, 2014
CaliDave posted a blog post
Some might have seen this but I'm posting it to my blog as it seems this is the spot to post stuff like this. Lots of fun in FPV we're having:Shot across California from the Bay Area to El Mirage and a few spots in between. Special thanks to our…
Mar 21, 2013
CaliDave commented on AKRCGUY's blog post Another Great Video From "Team Echelon"
"The parachute was just a fun project we were trying. We'll be putting out a video on that sometime this year once we get more testing done.

The desert shots were in Southern California @ Soda Lake and El Mirage."
Mar 21, 2013
CaliDave commented on Stephen Carlson's blog post Introducing the "Orange Hawk" Tricopter/Flying-Wing VTOL UAV
"Pretty neat!"
Mar 21, 2013
CaliDave commented on AKRCGUY's blog post Another Great Video From "Team Echelon"
"Yes... it ate my Penguin's tail. :-/"
Mar 6, 2013
CaliDave posted a discussion
Here's our latest video showing all the things in FPV we do. Let me know if you have questions on our video. ;)
Mar 2, 2013
CaliDave posted a blog post
A recent video I made showing the goggles. 
Feb 26, 2013