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  • I want to do this! but at that altitude the density altitude would be so high, it would be hard for it to fly... it would just fall?

  • I'm working on this project right now too! Thanks so much for posting the video. I'm using a heavily modified skyfun. 1.2 Ghz for video, 433 UHF for radio. Cloverleaf on the plane, (like I think he used), and a two meter satellite dish with a 3 1/2 turn helical feed. Both homemade. I've attenuated the signal down to a theoretical 600K feet range, we will see :) 

  • very enduring flight. need lot of guts to fly a FPV with form 70 km. with the feeling the at you might loose the equipment for ever. but the scencery you got was worth all the risk. what make/brand were the 1.2Ghz video anteenas used in the project.

  • Amazing idea and great video. You should try again!

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    Ok, inquiring minds want to know, how much did this all cost? Itemization would be nice.
  • Flying an RC aircraft from that altitude is what I am talking about. Again launching a balloon from that height is one thing, launching an active RC remotely piloted plane is another. Again, outside of legal aspects - I am not sure whether that is something we can do - not saying its illegal either. Someone much smarter then me I am sure will chime in on that subject - but flying in J Routes is not legal as far as I know, if he crossed one or passed through one or came near one, I believe that is a no no. But again, I am not a lawyer so I can only assume ;)

  • Great video, really neat. Outside of the legal aspects its cool to see an RC plan go up so high and come back with RC control at some point :) 

  • @Joseph: It's not difficult to legally fly high-altitude balloons in the US NAS, but RC aircraft from that altitude is another (and much more religious) debate. For information on balloons in the US, check out the requirements in FAR 101, paying close attention to the applicability section.

  • thanks for sharing ..must be an amazing experience 

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    Love the video, very cool.

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