Ardupilot over Davos/Switzerland

This weekend I was in Davos, flying with my Twinstar / Ardupilot / Gopro. Just beautiful:


The flight was autonomous by waypoints expect the landing, flying hight max 400m above ground.

I use a Twinstar2 with stock brushless setup and a Gopro 3 white edition.

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  • We did some UAV flying in Davos. A blimp built as a platform for computer vision 3D reconstruction of the terrain. This was a few years ago now and the team has disbanded but I put a few vids up in my YT channel. Beautiful place to fly.



  • You're right. Even if the flight was very stable, I used the youtube stabilisation.

  • Very beautiful flight.

  • Excellent video. The landing approach made me dizzy ;)

  • Just beautiful.

  •  Wow !The second Video is awesome also!. Thanks for the info. I have never used You tube I will try that. Being old I lost computer skills some where between  Windows 95 and Windows 98 ? Thanks again.

  • Thanks, I'm glad you like the video. You have to upload a video to youtube, then you can post ist here. Youtube has a nice video-smoother, so a shaky video gets really smooths. I'm still trying to get even better results, since I'm also relatively new to ardupilot.

    Here's one of my first vids:

  • WOW !  Incredible Video! It is Breath taking  Beauty and  so Smooooth!  Snow doesn't stop the determined flyers ! It is winter here also. I just made my first Video the other day (Nothing compared to yours )and I haven't figured out how to post it on here yet?? ' I strapped a Midland  XTC 200 personal action cam to my Radian Pro and went flying . the Wind was blowing 30 kts over 150 foot cliff where I live .(when you are excited to try something new reason takes the back seat) when it hit the wind shear about 100 feet up "It was a hand full "and instantly was blown 1/4 mile down wind landed ok right side up  . Thanks for Sharing ! Have a Great day!

  • 3D Robotics

    Gorgeous. I've been there many times, but never like that!

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