Hello ArduPilots,

Here you will find my latest updated version of the ArduPilot (v2.7.4a JLN) successfully tested in autonomous flights with a Multiplex Cularis (GPS Ublox and ArduIMU v1.6). This version runs very well with the GPS Emulator v1.1.45 and you may test it yourself at home.

More photos at :

The full software can be downloaded at:

Here the test procedure with the GPS Emulator:

Required material: Ardupilot with or without shield, it works also with Arduino board "Duemilanove"

1) Compile and upload the ArduPilot_2_7_4_JLN software to your ardupilot board
2) Download a flight plan with PlanifMission.exe (v 1.4.14), i.e. upload the flight plan "fieldtest4"
3) Run the GPSEmulator.exe (v 1.1.45):
a) choose the ardupilot comm port: i.e. COM10 then click 'Connect'
b) Select File/Run ArduPilot Mission
c) Selected Mission 'fieldtest4'
d) GPS Data Source 'GPS Emulator w/ArduPilot'
e) check 'Listen to Throttle'
f) Click on the 'Start' button on the main window

Jean-Louis Naudin

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  • Developer
    Hello Dody, Yes of course the ardupilot will works well on your Easystar. You will need only to redo a fine tuning of the PID gain in the AP_PID_set_xxx.h.
    (in french) Oui, bien sur, l'ardupilot fonctionnera sans pb sur ton Easystar. Tu auras simplement besoin de refaire un réglage fin du gain des PID dans AP_PID_set_xxx.h
  • Bonsoir Jean-louis,est ce que le code fonctionnera sur mon easystar , je l'ai modifié, je lui ai rajouté des ailerons.
  • Developer
    Yves, I don't know yet if I shall be able to go to the Aigle FPV meeting next year, but, why not... May be...
  • Jean-louis, thank you very much. Do you think to go at the meeting Aigle FPV next year?
  • Excellent work Jean-Louis, thanks for the pictures and details. Everyone loves a success story!
  • Developer
    Hello Yves,

    Yes you may use this with the Easyglider, the code for GPS EM406 is now working well, in the original code there was a bug which unlock the GPS each 3 seconds. This is now working. I have tested this version with my Easyglider with ArduPilot, shield v2, Thermopiles sensors and GPS EM406.

    The best is to use the ArduIMU, the flight is very stable in windy and gusty conditions and of course in foggy conditions...

  • Hello Jean-louis, can I use your version with the Easyglider? What did you change other?
This reply was deleted.