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3689373250?profile=originalArduPilotMega 1.02 is now available in the download section. This version updates the GPS libraries to support the new v1.6 firmware that adds some useful data fields and otherwise makes HappyKillmore's GCS, well, happier.


New MediaTek modules shipping from the DIY Drones store have the 1.6 firmware. If you've got one of those or have updated your module to 1.6, you can use it with APM by selecting "GPS_PROTOCOL_MTK16" as your GPS protocol in APM_Config.h.


If you want to update your GPS module to 1.6, here's what you need:

  • The 1.6 firmware is here.
  • Instructions and the installation utility are here.
  • Instructions on how to hook up the required FDTI cable are here.



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  • p.s.

    How do I know which meadiatek GPS firmwareI have?

  • I bought my'n one month ago , and I have the problem mentioned above!

    I use the new APM realease, but nothing help. have solib B light and solid blue light on the meadiatek GPS

    It seems that the new updated still has a bug !

    what should I do?

  • Admin

    P D,

    I have flashed the MediaTek GPS module at various baud rates and it did not seem to matter what speed I chose other than it flashed faster at higher baud speeds.



  • For what it's worth: I had one with bad firmware (offset GPS data), and updated to 1.6, everything went O.K.


    A couple of things I noticed:

    1. I downloaded but did not use the "config file" described above.The flashtool does not seem to need it. On the other hand it did need the "rom" file MTK_Allinone... like described in the description PDF

    2. As Thomas sasid: the links to the config file and the firmware are reversed.

    3. I installed the flash tool in a directory other than c:\programm(x86) because of permission

    problems on writing.

    3. My Mediatek module was running at 38400Bd (mini gps programm) before the update, so I could only flash at 38400 Bd. After the update it defaults to 38400Bd again. All went O.K. I Have no clue why my modules defaults to 38400 but it seems to work.


    Next I'll install APM1.02 and do some tests.


    Hope this helps someone ;)



  • Thanks Chris. I will stick with the sep version for now. I just need to remove the resistor.
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    It's only been tested on APM 1.02. But the Pirates are working on porting it to their own ArduCopter NG code, so stay tuned for that.
  • Hi Chris! I recently downgraded my mediatek gps to the september version because it had a later beta version that was not working. I'm using ArduCopterNG latest release. GPS is now working for me after I downgraded but should I now upgrade it to this new firmware or is this only going to work with ArduPilotMega 1.02?



  • I just bought APM and MTK GPS here today, I had EasyStart RC plane to implement UAV fly once receiving those HW. I had a KK Tricopter, it has 3 Gyro too. One funny question: Is it possible to use 3-gyro senses on Ardu Mega IMU to do what KK controller was doing via merging KK source code into Ardu Mega, so no extra KK control board needed anymore for implementing UAV on my DIY multicopter?





  • Admin


    I think that the links for the 1.6 firmware and the config file are reversed. Also, the config file (GPS_MTK) does not appear to have the new AP_GPS_MTK16.cpp and AP_GPS_MTK16.h files in it.



  • With new GPS firmware I can make my APM+IMU show GPS fix red light on.

    Thank you
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