For those who don't want to be waiting for it, here's your your best option: Order it and be one of the firsts to receive it (As always FIFO service).

Go for it here:

It will be released during the next week (Sorry for the long delay!).

BTW the pictures is just for display purposes, the final color you will receive is blue and has the latest improvements. ;-)
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  • Developer
    Np, and just call me Jani or jp :P

    One big reason why we first do quad/hexas is that with tri setup you need to have special motor mount for one of the motors, this way we can tilt motor and it will act a bit like rudder. With 4 + motors we do not have this problem and we can use centrifuge forces to act as rudder for us. Eg. in 4 engine quad model we have 2 CW and 2 CCW rotating motors as working as group. Like i posted in here by speeding one group and slowing down another we can made quad to turn either left or right, depends on which group speeds up and which slows down. "rudder" control this way is quire accurate
  • Hi Jani Hirvinen.
    Thank you for your guide.It very useful for me.
    Maybe I change my project to quadcopter projet.

  • Developer
    Hi Woranon, Hmm tricopter now that might be challenging due there is no any software for tricopter and APM. Datasheets and things like that you can find DIY Drones shop, if you look details of OilPan. It's there and then there are Google code base for ArduPilot also our Quad copter code pages has some information tho we are just starting to add more infor to ArduCopter which is DIY Drones official multirotor platform. But even that does not support Tricopter setups. Maybe in future who knows but it will take some time...
  • Hi everybody.I need help please
    first I'm new to this site and sorry with my english it not well.

    I have brought -ArduPilot Mega IMU Shield/OilPan V1.4- from diydrones and i got it 2 day ago I'm try to find datasheet,use info and specification.I cannot find anything.Someone can tell me where is it?
    ==This is my first project i'm try to build tricopter ==

  • Admin
    Hi Wallace,
    yes I know and understood your question. I am using the same OSD and I know guys have have used it the way you want except the autopilot GPS is better , so it is shared with remzibi via Comm port. I kept Remzibi's GPS as spare or will use it for FPV type flying without AP. The new ver Chris mentioned will do the same( I wasn't sure). Thanks Chris for clarification. Cheers.
  • @Chris That's Great, will be waiting for the new improve version

    @Moril I asked the question the way i did because the Remzibi includes a GPS, but Chris has a Great answer.
  • 3D Robotics
    @Wallace. We are working with the Remzibi team on a new version that will be easily integrated into ArduPilot Mega, sharing the same GPS.
  • Admin
    "And a 2nd question would the Remzibi OSD GPS be accessable to the OilPan IMU, so that only one GPS is required? "
    @ Wallace,
    It might be other way around. Remzibi can use autopilot GPS if protocol supports it but I might be wrong.
  • Jordi, will the Remzibi's OSD be compatable with the Adrunio Mega/ OilPan IMU?
    And a 2nd question would the Remzibi OSD GPS be accessable to the OilPan IMU, so that only one GPS is required?
  • Jordi/Chris I am new to this site and blogs. I have orderd my AdruMega Pilot from Sparkfun. I also placed a pre order for the 'OilPan' IMU. I paied $149.95 for mine and I only got the IMU now I see you have a kit containing the connectors for 149.95 and the IMU alone is $139.00. What will I get for my $150 on order #3778 just the IMU or will I receive the kit?
    Thanks in advance Wallace
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