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ArduPilot-powered WiFi sniffing drone at DefCon

Spotted at the DefCon hacker conference this year, the ArduPilot-powered WiFi Aerial Surveillance Platform (WASP), basically a UAV with WiFi sniffing capability. It flies until it finds an open WiFi access point and then loiters over it. Here's a video interview with the creators at the conference:

It was briefly discussed earlier on this site here.

(Thanks to automatik for the find!)
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  • That is not what their intentions are. Read some more up on it.
  • Chris, I have seen this before. Someone linked to it here and some of us thought that these guys were bad news for our hobby. Me & Dr. Brown, I mean Dr. Mike Black. High wing loading larger plane being flown by hackers
    with unknown flight experience with a motivation to fly over population centers or government installations ect. Just didn't sound like a good idea.
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