Arduplane At ASPRS Annual Conference


Follow up from my recent post : 

Arduplane goes to ASPRS


A Great week for all attendants and a glorious 2day for all DIYDrones members and APM users & Devs!!

With glad, i realized that a great amount of US and EU researchers use APM for their work, combine & exchange knowledge and as a super active community members involve rapidly  at their expertizes. 

I was one of the lucky who followed the UAS fundamentals workshop, attended all the wonderfull thinks that photogrammetry and remote sensing geniuses were up to and watch what market leaders had to display, as well as presenting our efforts of creating a UAS for precision agriculture!




A brief trend overveiw

-Market : Computer Vision, LIDAR, cloud photogrammetry computing

-Papers & Posters: Agriculture, Open Source, LIDAR, Remote Sensing of Land Applications, Disaster Management and Rapid Response

-Popular Topics: Vegetation, Automation, LIDAR, UAS/UAV

-Popular debates: Image point cloud vs LIDAR

-VERY popular discussions: FAA.....


There was a dedicated

Special Session: UAS Capabilities Overview, with a great overveiw of the UAS potentuals and a long discussion for there integration at US airspace "system" by FAA. I understud the conserns and problems, but since iam not US citizen, neither fly at, i wont express my opinnion, but i think its usefull to inform you that there is a major consultation with  FAA to overcome any issues.


Heres a quick video with our paper presentaion


If you can tolerate gopro's mic and my terrible english here is the full presentation 

I want to thank

-Every fellow that i ve met at the conference and encouraged our work, i wish them the best,

-All DIYD members for their support, 

And last but not least, my friends and colleagues at UcanDrone Team  



If you missed the conference and you were intersted at a topic here is the final program if you want to find somebody.



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