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  • Olivier, thanx for the compliments....

    Yep, tray can slide to adjust CG.


  • By far the nicest multi-rotor design I have ever seen. Congrats. The only thing that puzzles me is the battery tray. If you use larger capacity batteries, I imagine you would have to relocate the tray to compensate for the change in CG? Anyways, just when I thought all this multis looked the same, this one come along. Very nice!

  • First video is in loiter mode.

  • Moderator
    In the first video, is the drone on gps hold or is it just hovering because it's well trimmed and balanced?
  • exactly that. i want to do something like that, plus a power switch and breakout for camera stabilisation servos, so i dont have to open electronics enclosure when attaching camera mount.
  • @ Bill:

    No problem with the sensors out of CG

    Folow this thread on rc groups link for a build log by Holco.


    @ All: We do custom jobs :)


  • Great looking Hexa, beautifully minimal.


    Is there any issue with having the APM sensors forward of the CoG? Did you have to customise the AC2 code?


    Would you be happy to share the information about the Motors and Props, plus any idea of the maximum thrust you can achieve?



  • Michal, you mean this one?





    CNCed  from 5mm glass composite.


  • the batt connector is awesome!!!
  • Same airframe, another controller.

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