ArduStation Mega v1.0b arrived


Our ArduStation MEGA boards arrived today and I am truly excited to see how they work. Now starts small assembly job for them and then we can start doing testing for those. 

Big thanks for Colin for his original ASM work, it's great to see what great minds can create. 

New boards looks just awesome. Few connectors are missing but those are quickly soldered. These boards are from the first batch and we have them now small qty in stock. If there are any changes that needs to be made, we will do it and then first production batch will come.

Technical specs:

  • MCU: Atmel 2560 with Atmel 8u2 USB "adapter"
  • XBee footprint for telemetry with external pins
  • IO: Buzzer, Analog, I2C, GPS
  • SDCard holder for storage needs
  • 128 x 64 pixel Graphics LCD
  • 3 x TTL Serial output pins
  • 2 x Servo outputs with internal/external power feed
  • Encoder port for menus etc use
  • Connection for I2C Keyboard 
  • 4 x LEDs for showing different statues

Jani / jDrones

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  • Thanks Colin. Compile done and now I get the Mediatek GPS data.

  • Paul, Thanks for putting your instructions on the wiki. I'll hopefully be adding more info on there about key parts of the code to help with adding custom pages. I'm just about to move house, which may slow me down a bit...

    Todd, I'm not entirely sure why you get that error. Is the file AP_GPS_MTK19.h missing from your sketch directory?

    Saiful, are you trying to compile the code using a fresh install of arduino. Those error messages look like you have the APM libraries installed. They conflict directly with my code and so need to be removed. It looks like they're in your user area C:\Users\Saiful\Documents\Arduino\libraries\

  • Admin


    The only folder that I have in a libraries folder is the glcd folder and the library folder is in the same folder as the Arudstationmeg master folder. The Ardupilot libraries that you need are already in the Ardustationmega master folder.

    My Sketch directory looks like this:


    The second Ardustationmega folder is where the Ardustatiomeg master files are located.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • I still getting some error. Where can I download updated libraries?

    In file included from G:\0.Ardu\4.Codes\arduino-1.0.3-windows\arduino-1.0.3\libraries\Wire/../FastSerial/BetterStream.h:16,
                     from G:\0.Ardu\4.Codes\arduino-1.0.3-windows\arduino-1.0.3\libraries\Wire/../FastSerial/FastSerial.h:56,
                     from C:\Users\Saiful\Documents\Arduino\libraries\AP_GPS\/AP_GPS_Auto.h:9,
                     from C:\Users\Saiful\Documents\Arduino\libraries\AP_GPS\/AP_GPS.h:13,
                     from C:\Users\Saiful\Documents\Arduino\libraries\AP_GPS\AP_GPS_Auto.cpp:9:
    G:\0.Ardu\4.Codes\arduino-1.0.3-windows\arduino-1.0.3\libraries\Wire/../FastSerial/../AP_Common/AP_Common.h:210: error: redefinition of 'struct Location'
    C:\Users\Saiful\Documents\Arduino\libraries\AP_Common/AP_Common.h:88: error: previous definition of 'struct Location'

  • Developer

    There are new pages coming along. Take a look at our new Wiki that we have been working on. Here.

    I will add pin diagrams for all connectors later today

  • I need help, I have followed the instruction on the Ardustation Mega GitHub site (downloading the master and renaming the directories).  When I try to compile I get the following error: " "AP_GPS_MTK19" does not name type" and it highlights the following line "AP_GPS_MTK19 gps (Serial1) ;"


    Can someone help me get this compiled so I can try this in my Mega 1.4?


    Thanks, Todd 

  • Jani: Is there a schematic for the button board? Does the I2C port come out to the 5 pin connector pads on the button board? If so, what is the pin out?



  • @Tom
    That's good you're up and running. I've updated those instructions to make that clearer and put a copy on Colin's GitHub page.

    My coding skills are basic and I've long lost the ability to engage with the complexity of the ArduPlane/Copter code. ASM looks a bit more accessible so I'm looking forward to having a bit of a tinker with the code myself and get a better understanding of MAVLINK.

    Cheers Paul
  • Admin


    You hit it right on the head. Normally I am compiling Arduino 2560 code, but it has been a while since I had done so. However, a while back I had compiled some Arduino Uno code and had totally forgotten about it. So when I tried to compile the ArduStationMega I had forgotten about compiling the Arduino Uno code so I assumed that the compiler was still set to the Arduino 2560:-) Of course it was still set to the Arduino Uno and a quick change to the Arduino 2560 cured the compile issue. Works great.

    Now to customize the displayed parameters to be those of the ArduRover2.

    Thanks Paul, much appreciated.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • @Tom

    I think you might have the wrong board selected - can you check you have selected Arduino Mega 2560 before you verify/compile.

    A8 is one of the core variables for the pin on the board - if I change my board type to a lily pad (that doesn't have the A8 pin) I get the same error.


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