ArduStation Mega v1.0b arrived


Our ArduStation MEGA boards arrived today and I am truly excited to see how they work. Now starts small assembly job for them and then we can start doing testing for those. 

Big thanks for Colin for his original ASM work, it's great to see what great minds can create. 

New boards looks just awesome. Few connectors are missing but those are quickly soldered. These boards are from the first batch and we have them now small qty in stock. If there are any changes that needs to be made, we will do it and then first production batch will come.

Technical specs:

  • MCU: Atmel 2560 with Atmel 8u2 USB "adapter"
  • XBee footprint for telemetry with external pins
  • IO: Buzzer, Analog, I2C, GPS
  • SDCard holder for storage needs
  • 128 x 64 pixel Graphics LCD
  • 3 x TTL Serial output pins
  • 2 x Servo outputs with internal/external power feed
  • Encoder port for menus etc use
  • Connection for I2C Keyboard 
  • 4 x LEDs for showing different statues

Jani / jDrones

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  • Rob,

    I agree with Tom in that if all you're interested in is the antenna tracking functionality then the original is a cheaper route and has had the tracking feature field tested. I've started the code for the tracking code on the ASM, but am short of time and a physical tracking device. If you enjoy tinkering, the code in the ASM shouldn't be too hard to modify if it needs fixing.

    What the ASM might get you in the long term, which the original may not, is the ability to talk to a compass. This isn't coded yet, but would mean you wouldn't have to set your tracker's orientation manually on startup. Probably not a concern though, as compass support doesn't exist in ASM yet...

    In terms of setting up an additional radio for just receiving on the tracker: I see no issues with this on ASM, so long as your main ground station requests the position information to be streamed to the GCS(s). It would try to send requests for parameters on startup, but these would just go nowhere. I can't speak from experience about ArduStation2 on this front. I don't know if the code would be upset about not being able to send... I don't see why it would.



  • Hi, @R_Lefebvre,

    Probably I would not use ASM as main telemetry because 3DR radio works well will laptop or Nexus.

    Colin said here it could be possible to "forward" serial telemetry but Jani not seems to agree this point.

    Since Mavlink 1.00, it's seems it's possible but I didn't seen any info about this. 

    >>> USB

    During my test with 3DR 433mhz ( with no 5V plug), it seems that:

    computer <---USB---> 3DR <--telemetry port 3- >>> ASM well communicate  (so 3DR is plug to computer AND asm)

    I need to make another test to check this point but changing mode was OK with my radio and everything was communicate well.

    >>> Bluetooth

    I think that APM2 RC2 could forward MAVLink to serial bluetooth AND ASM(only tracker)  could be connect trought this connection. 

    >>> Cellular:

    I've a Dronecell but only work for telemetry with Ardupilot 2,68 (Soren Kuala's Version).

    My Nexus 7 (2012) is a 3G model and it would be great to make this communicate trough bluetooth to ASM

    My station nearly ready (pan tilt system Eagle eye from ReadyMadeRc with patch) and I need to connect and test ASM to it. 

    Actually, it's seems's not work very well ... probably because of misunderstanding of bearing and elevation. 

    Reset of UAV or Ground station position doesn't seem to be ok on my install. 

  • Admin


    You might want to consider Heino's ArduStation2 which, I believe, has a highly refined antenna tracking function.

    Heino's tracker: ArduStation2 Tracker

    Try here: Antenna Tracking


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • Hi guys, just checking in on the status of the ASM.  I'd like to build a stand-alone antenna tracker device, and trying to figure out what the best way is.  The main purpose of it is to aim a 5.8GHz video antenna.  At this point, I'm not looking to actually do any telemetry over the ASM.  I just want a tripod with a box on it, and a battery, turn the power on, and have it lock the antenna tracker onto the aircraft with a minimum of fuss.  I would be using a tablet or laptop of the actual telemetry, probably placed in a different location from the antenna, and it would have it's own telemetry link.

    So, is it possible to have the ASM "eavesdrop" on the main telemetry connection, instead of being the master?  Obviously I'd have to have a separate 3DRadio on the same Net ID, but it would be set up to only receive... I'm not even sure this is possible?

    Any ideas?

  • So, I've received my schooty diode and even if it's not so beautiful because of his size, Telemetry now working with battery side. I've noticed that it's more faster on usb side (hub)  than battery powered but it's work.

    I will post few photo to show this later.

    Now, I will work the code I think.  

  • Update on my pb with battery side power: 

    Ubec is OK 

    So, I've the same problem as 'Jack' in october. (here:

    Like Jani write here, I've tried to power on +5V/GND on telemetry port (carefully no reverse and overvolt!!) and it's seems to be ok. LCD is brighter than ever.

    So I've bought a DIODE, SCHOTTKY, 30V, 1A, DO-41; Diode T - 1N5818 on Farnell's shop.  It's not the same "box" but must be ok I think. I'm not an electronic's expert. 

    So I little picture to more clear :


  • Hi Colin,

    I know what you mean about time, progress is slow at this end!

    For the mode keys, plan is to have an extra row of keys with leds dedicated to changing modes, each button corresponding to a specific mode. A solid led will indicate current mode from the MAVLINK datastream, when you press a key for a new mode it will flash until it gets confirmation from the datastream that the mode has changed.

    I use the TX to change modes at the moment but I'm using a mix of 3 switches to get a range of modes and always end up fumbling about with the wrong combination (my pilot skills are not great so I'm normally looking to change modes in a hurry!).

    I've used a PCF8575 i2c expander for the extra set of keys and led indications (just set to a different address).

    The PCB is from another project that one of my pals designed/makes, I think I'll probably end up panel mounting them to get them closer together. 

    Been hacking about with basic reading and writing using Wire and having a look at the ASM and where I'd put it (was thinking either extending Buttons or creating a new class). I can hack about with basic Arduino and C but I'm v slow and getting lost in GCS on writing/sending MAVLINK a mode change message. Any help on creating and sending a mode change packet gratefully received.

    Jani has a mode switch button board in development that connects into the trainer port of the TX which sounds good but quite enjoying learning a bit about i2c/arduino so will stick to the plan of an extra i2c button board for the ASM. Cheers, Paul

  • On exit of Voltage regulator, there is 5,27v.

    With jumper on second row (left and middle), there is 5,24 v on servo outside. 

    WIthout this jumper = 0 volt.

    Probably there is a solution. 

    nb: The diode near JDrones seems to be ok. 

    Made me crazy .... 

  • @Paul and Colin,

    On my radio, I've bought a 6 switch position that works very well on my ezuhf. It's was very easy to mount. 

    I've the link of the buyer if you want. (there are 4 knob to adjust every range inside - cool - ) 

    My sticker is cheap because it was for my first flight with this switch...Time has gone and always this poor sticker ! Sorry !  



  • The board doesn 't seem to 'drink' power from battery (3S 4500MAH) or it seem to be very low. 



    but no paquet....

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