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  • Awesome, I'd love a closer look at the tilting mechanism in action (on the ground maybe?). I like how you avoid having to reverse the prop direction.  The transition from hover to horizontal flight seems very smooth. 

    When are you going to post a Kickstarter project? :)

  • wow, nice tilting solution!

    i had thought about doing someting similar with a tricopter, but never figured out how to adjust the CoG. this is really incredible.

  • Nice design! I'm interested how you reverse the thrust of the rear motors from pull in the vertical position to push when rotated? Special props?

  • All 4 motors can tilt up to 90 degrees. For hovering, the motors are tilted as shown in the picture above (we refer to it as 0 degrees-tilt-angle); All of the 4 motors contribute to the "upward thrust" and keep it hovering.

    For horizontal flight, all of the 4 motor arms are tilted 90 degrees; that way all 4 motors provide forward thrust.
    We are working on a new blog post atm, should be up in a few hours; it will include a video of the tilting mechanism that should illustrate what I tried to describe. 

  • Very cool!  Out of curiosity, what angle forward/back can the motors tilt?   Can all four motors tilt (or just two)?

  • It can glide in the horizontal flight with motors off. To land so should work, but I am not sure if I want to try it.
    We are using the APM.

  • how much $$$?

  • This is brilliant, congratulations on the development.

    Its like the quadshot but has different capabilities and will have different uses.  Are you using APM or paparazzi?

  • Once you have it in horizontal flight could you turn mothers off and glide in for a landing?

    Also a mode of horizontal flight where two rear motors are off and two front motors flip into horizontal position

    for faster forward flight.

    Looks really cool.


  • Today we tested hover flight time and payload. The Wingcopter hovered 8:20 minutes (without payload) and was able to carry a weight of 540 g without any problems. Next time we will try to figure out the maximum payload.

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